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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Best Website Ever!

Dear Friends,

lol hahaaha
i have found the best website ever!
it's like a freakin
and it's all thanx to SummerBaby10
hehe yeah all you have to do is put in their first inital adn last name then where they live!
it's sooo
i searched my name and i found myself!
i was sooo scared!
i was screaming at the top of my lungs!
it was soo freakin scarry lol
we looked up may others too
lol and some were wrogn but oh well lol
it's really Fun!
i was freaking out!
well yeahzz
school is donme for at least 6 days
Weet woo
woo woo
*dances *
well yeah i must leave now hehe
and have more fun with the web site kk

kk well yeah MY GUTS HURT for Sertain reasons!
i'm in pain! oh yes i am!

well i found my wallet!
YAYZ for the peoplz at the bus station! weet Woo

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