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Monday, August 29, 2005

Yummy, Yummy Junk Food !

Dear Friends,

Well hey
On Saturday I went to a Buddhist Funeral thingy
On the 49th day after a person has died they have this ceremony thingy.
And yeah I went
It was soo fun! Cuz I got to see another one of my baby cousins
I love her name lol
Well yeah.
I ate lots and lots hehehe
I had so much sugar I felt like I was gonna be sick!
And well I kept eating
I surprised my uncle with my football throwing skills lol
Even though my hands cant even hold the ball
(Thats how freakishly tiny they are XD)
And yeah

Yesterday I got to go golfing!
Something that I havent done in a month!
it was fun!
I really sucked though
I was I think 20 over par

I watched the MTV MVAs
I have to say that R Kellys performance sucked!
maybe its cuz I dont like him but yeah
(BTW Im writing this on Sunday and I am posting it today)
it was fun!
Lol I was helping my mom out and we got into a fight lol
But then I threw my pop at her and she got pissed so she threw her pop at me
And yeah
So we had to drive 3 hours in the heat all sticky!
I was sticking to the seat I swear!

But yeah it was fun!

I have soo much homework!
its a pain in the ass
I hate it sooo much!

I bought this magazine that had a 20-page preview of Kingdom Hearts 2
Heheh ehhe
I was sooo happy!
There is a level that is Pirates of the Caribbean!
And you can fuse with Donald and goofy to get new things!
With goofy you can wield 2 keyblades and with Donald you get more magic!
And then there are new characters and stuffes!
Yeah I am currently hyper right now!
I had 4 Pepsis and a bunch of candy!
But yeah.
I missed the street festival!
Im so mad
Cuz usually the good anime stores down town have really good sales on their DVDs
And yet sadly I missed it
And I missed the moon cake
But I got Mochi
And other good foods!
I got Sushi too
It was sooo good
And I got pie from my auntie Atsus magic trailer!
I might get to go to BC next weekend and visit my Cousin!
So Im happy
And well yeah禢禢
Sorry I had to get that out of my system lol
And yeah禢禢禢禢
I missed rock climbing Im so sad but oh well

Well I must go fly drink more Pepsi and eat more candy and do my Homework
So yeah
I better get going


Yes I am an Anime crazed Muffin! Sorry I had to add that cuz it was stupid lol
(sorry for my crappy spelling lol )

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