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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lenore and the bleeding head of MOD

Dear Friends,

Well yeah sorry that I haven¡¯t updated the past couple of days I have been really busy!
And sorry that I haven¡¯t had the chance to get to anyone¡¯s sites lately!

Yeah well humm
On Friday I accidentally made MoonOfDarkness¡¯
Head bleed!
I have to say that it was pretty funny!
I had a good reason though
She stole Lenore! (best comic book ever!)
Yeah here is a Pic of it
*Look Down*

She took it and so I grabbed her by the shoulders and then she started kicking me lol
Then I accidentally tripped and fell down
I still had her by the shoulders and then I dragged her down lol
Then when she got up she took her hand off her head there was blood dripping down lol
I do have to say it was funny
We were both laughing and I finally got Lenore!
And I got Cake!
It was crappy cake though!
MoonOfDarkness¡¯ made it
That should be explanation right there lool
And yeha
Now I must wait for Gundam Seed Destiny!
And shinn
The best character in the world!
Humm well yesterday I wne to a funeral
I had to see another dead body
Locked up
And ¡°asleep¡± forever
I din¡¯t cryon ce again
And I got the same evil looks from every one
But I could really care less right now
Then I had to go to the cemetery and stand by the coffin
Everyone was throwing flowers and seemed happy!
I hate it when people act like nothing is going wrong¡¦
Though just for saying that I am a complete hypocrite (sp?)
I do the exact same thing
But yeah I could tell that tons of people wanted to cry and they didn¡¯t the wen ton like nothing was wrong
Oh well
I got to meet my little cusin Ethan
He is sooo cute and he actually likes me lol
Usually babys hate me lol
But yeha
I have to go to my dad¡¯s today
So I am writeing this post early in the mornig!
I am currently running on sugar and sugar lol
Which is never a good thing but it is fun!
Humm I am leaving and I might just get to see my step sisters half brother
I¡¯m not quite sure wat that would make him to me
But yeha
I haven¡¯ seen him for 4 years
And yeah¡¦
I thk that he is a year younger than me and from what I can remember of him
He was pretty cool
So yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦
And plus I get to see my cat!
weet woo my cats!
I love them all lol
Well yeha
I have soo much homework lol
It¡¯s a pain lol
And well I found out that that bus driver was fired cuz she had gotten a lot of complaints from other people B4
So yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦.
Well I must go and get ready to sleep in really uncomfortable positions in a car
For 3 hours then get out and be all stiff and almost forget how to walk lool
Crap I can¡¯t spell
Well yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦
Oh BTW don¡¯t eat things that you find off the ground they are nasty!
I learned that yesterday lol
I want a slurpee! , a snake and I want to see the Corpse Bride !
Maybe I can see it with MoonOfDarkness and Idiosyncrasy maybe how knows¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦

(sorry i wont' get a chance to go to peoples sites this weekend i'll check them when i get back XD)

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