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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Dear Friends,

welll soryy that i didn't post yesterday!
i didn't have time too
i have so much freaking homeowrk to do !
on Tuesday we had this really bitchy bus driver!
this grade 7 pulled the bell
a stop before we were suppose to get off
and the bus driver got all pissed~
she told us that she was turning the bell off
and if we wanted to get off we should talk to her
so it came to our stop and the grade 7 went up and said
i'm really sorry about wat i did and this is our stop can you let us off
the bus drive drives right past the stop!
i was like WTF bitch!
then this guy from the back of the bus was saying
Miss i thkn that this is really unaproprate(sp?)
the she said Shut up i don't care i want an apologie from every single on of them!
i was soo mad!
the he said this isn't fair your asking something from a group when only one person did it!
and the bus driver kept dirving!
so he started yelling MISS LET THEM OFF THE BUSS NOW!!!
then she stoped in the midled of the street and said i wantan apologie then opened the doors!
no on eon the bus thanked her every on turned to the guy and said thanx!
then lol we all got off the bus and ac ouple peopl ran to the front
and yelled BITCH at the top of their lungs
soo funny!

well yeah i played racketball(sp?)
lol it was soooo mcuh fun!
and squash(sp?)
yeah it was fun though i suck at it lol
though i was getting the hang of it lol
but yeah it was fun!

oh the commercial that i am woring on is getting better lol
we had to reshoot the hold thingy lol
adn it was funny !
the blodd stump! LMAO!
but yeah....
thanx for listening to me complaine abou the bus driver *smile*


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