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Monday, August 22, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey there well yeahx
this post is a little later than usual but i was doning home work lol
and well yeahz lol it was fun!

lol i thk that a bunch of people in my class think i'm weird
( that's not really new but yeah)
lol cuz today in class this guy Alex come s up to me and he is like i love you so much that you wouldn't even know
i knew that he was joking but i don't think that alot of other people knew that lol
so i turned to him and said well i hate your guts i ca n't stand you lol
and we both had a laugh but then this girl walks up to me and she is like
how the hell can you be som ean to the poor guy!
i was laughing so hard!
but yeah it was funny and the amazing thig is is that the whole pregnancy thingy has blown over wel at least for now that is lol

but yeha !
well we did this exparement in Science to day and i think that i came in like 5th place lol which is pretty good consittering that there were like 11 groups lol
but yeah
lol i just had to add that lol
well yea
oh i saw the new MCR vedio for GHOST OF YOU
and i have to say that it was diffrent
i liked it and all but it was alot difrent that wat i was expecting lol
it was still good though lol
so yeah........
well humm i thikn that is all that i have to say for today and well humm '
i get to go FLOGGIN (golfing) tomorrow!
yeah i know i'm a geek
and wel lthat is something that i am actually good at lol and then after i get to go mini golfing something i'm not good at lol
well yeah
humm that is all for now deffinetly lol

bye bye


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