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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey there well now that the whole "pregnacy" thingy is over
i'm still pissed off though
cuz i think i know how did it and she stnads around acting like there is nothing wrong even though she know that the person who did it can get a week suspention
personally i though that it would be more but i gues snot
oh well
so yeah
humm well anywayz i am once agin going to my dad's and YAYZ i get to see my army of kittys which i have not seen for three weeks!
but i have soo much home work!
i don't want to do it all biut i guess that i have to
kk but anyways
oh i read
heh it is soo good hehe i love all the gore and blood and it's soo funny cuz ther is this crazed fashion slut and her line when she killed this girl was
"Oh and red is most deffinetly NOT your color"
i was laughing so freaking hard!
and SHUUYA is awsome!! hehhe

oh i also read
heh it's awosm elool
it's soo funny the girl stabbing peoplez withthe knife! lol
( umm during the time i was readn i was suppose to be doing home work!)

lol i'm a really bad procrastinator lol
and i still get b adverages lol i don't understand it
oh well

humm so yeah
i must watch anime and do home work now
befor ei go to my dad's
so fair well
hehee oh Quiz lol i have been taking alot latley!
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oh and wat do you guys think of my change of Avi??

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