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Friday, August 19, 2005


Dear Friends,

kk well today was exactly like the movie mean girls!
here i shall start from the beginning!
it all started with this fucking stupid rumor of almost every single girl in Grade 9 being pregnant with this guy Mike's kids!
kk then well it got way out of Control!
the pricalpal called every single girl down to the gyn then we went to the laibrary!
and we had a "disscussion"
she was like " kk who ever is involved in this or knows why they are here put your hand up"
it was funny cuz every single girl put her hand up and our Princpal was shocked!
then we got in to this whole discussion
of how every single gilr is equal to each other in school
and i was like WTF that is not true!
the really popular people get treated way better than everyone else!
and then there is me and the people that i hang out with
we aren't the coolest people in school but we don't get treated like shit like some of the other kids!
so yeah i was mad!
and then i left cuz i wasn't really deeply involved with it
and i went and played foot ball
then i come back
and i find out that all this shit was put into a Chain Letter ! and it turns out hat i had recived it yessterday but it was from an Unknown sender so i deleted it! i was so Pissed off
but yeah
Mrs Miller ( princpal) ( btw sp?)
was like this will all be over by the end of today but i know that that isn't gonna happen!
cuz well peole oiut side of our school know aboutit and it's gonna be brought back up and then it's gonna start all over again!
i was sooo mad! and i said
"just watch by tomorrow every one is gonna have a supposed Abortion!(sp?)"
but yeah
well i needed to write that so i could blow off some steam!
well yeah
sorry about the dumb rant but yeah.....it was really like the whole mena girls thingy and well yeah ... it was kinda funny cuz i never though school would do that but i guess if it is a big enough problem they will....


( sorry for the post being soo long!)

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