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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hi there
yeah yesterday i was really pissed at Sholagan cuz of some stuff that she had said but now it is all better!
hhe i at a whole bucket and when i say bucket i mean bucket!
of fies it was sooo good!
yeah and she payed except i do have to pay her back lol
hehe but yeah! oh i went to the Dentist yesterday and i might need to get braces!
i have no clue why though
lol i'm going to get a new mouth guard ( cuz i Snore and when i have it in i talk with a lisp!!)
lol but yeah
you can ask any of the following peoples!
and they will tell you that it is true!
and there is a whole lot more that you can ask but i'm to lazy to put them!
well anyways lol
i have 4 cavities
i blame it on the party that i went to on friday!
yeah i ate so much sugar
so i balme it on then!
hhe YAYZ! now i have an excusse
weet woo
it's like 5 in the morning and i am up cuz i couldn't sleep lol
yeha i feel sooo

oh i saw a bird EXPLODE!!!!
it was funny
but gross
but funny
i guess that when it landed on the Wired it must have pinched it and next thing i know
there was a burst of feather and guts!
and it was a real bird and i saw it with my own eyes

i know that i am discussting
i have many ypeople tell me that on a regular basis!

OH i am thinking of starting a club seeing as there are so many wonderful FLAY HATTERS around here
so yeah!
heeh if i have enough people saying that they would join well then i'll start it there is one thing though if i do you guys have to make your own banners!
well yeah
i'm off to watching BEYBLADE and goind to School

well hey i'm back from school now and everythign was fine and happy
and great...
but then i got horrible news
my great grandma died
there have been so many deaths in my family
and wel yeha
my parents think i'm heartles cuz i never cry
but how can they say that!
i ask you!!
anyon ewho lnows me well enough knows that i am a cry baby!!
i'm soo pisse d off rightnow
i have noclue wat to say!!
i can't handel this
another death
i lost my grandpa like 3 weeks ago!
and now this.....
i have no clue wat to do
well yeah ......
i guess that i have alot on my mind and well yeah...
i shall now take my leave
i'll be back as usuall on tomorrow or maybe friday i'm not sure
well yeah
HAVE AWSOME SUMMERS for you guys that still have summer vacation and to everyone else!! have a great day!



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