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Monday, August 15, 2005


Dear Friends,

wel hiya!
lol to day was fun!
lol i found out that my one friend almost killed this stalker that she had lol it was funny!
she tricked her friend into thinking that she had her Learners
and he let her drive dowwn the street
and she was going like 100KM down this hill where the speed limit was like 30Km
lol it was soo funny
than at the end of the conrnerthe staker guy was there and
she almost hit him
lol i find it funny cuz well he is a stalker and well she got revenge!!!
hahah and well yeah
humm well i went bowing today lol
MoonOfDarkness threw a ball behind her lol it was soo funny! LMAO!!
it almost hit me!
then i ran around like a bazillion time and then collapsed and started laughing!
it was awosme!!
oh Flay DIes this Friday and well anyone who wants to join in the stabbing of Her is Welcome!!
it is awsome!!
weet woo
oh and humm
i am reading Fruits Basket 11
heh it is soo good
Kisa is my Fave character!!
she is soo cute and she is the best!
lol and well yehz!
i have so much homeowrk to do
i hate it
and i have to finish readin the book "The Wild Childern"
well it's funny cuz lol
the last chapter sounds like a love story between the main character Alex and Peter!
lol she opened her arms and once agian life began!!
Peter will yo uever come back to the band??
lmao well yeah!


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