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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   Gundam,Escaflowne or Spiral

Dear Friends,

well yeah i still need you guys to pick which theme i should change to because as of now it is rightn down the middle i have also added in another idea Escaflowne lol
*i am currently obsessed with it kinda (again)lol*
well yeha humm well every one is going to a sleepoverlol
maybe that is beacuse they are all comming to the one that i am going to lol
maybe yeah......
humm well yeah lol
i'm so confuzzled oh and i figure out wat was wroong with my links lol
yeha thanx
KittyKAtAngel for pointing that out to me
well yeah humm
*eats more ice cream*
i'm really really bored....
there is nothing to do at my palce
today tomorrow here is
though cuz that is when all the Anime is on lol
oh crap i have to do homework and lots of it
i should go do that so i really apologize if i don't get to all your sites to day
i promise that i will tommorw though and if not tomorrow then some time on the weekends
but for now BYe
*zoomsoff to do homework*
i'll post more tommorow


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