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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Dear Friends,

well yeah hi ya
heh yeha humm i am thinking of changing my Theme to Gundam seed or Gundam Seed Destiney
soem time soon
lol in order to mourne Gumdam Seed's Ending which happens in like 2 weeks or something like that
or i will change it to Spiral
you guys please vote on the two
well yeha
nothing happened in school it was boring as usual except i got to go and play VolleyBall
i kept falling lol but hey i can't help it if i am a Klutz lol
hheeh it was fun but then after that Tradgety struck!!!
i got hugged and i droppe dmy Freezy
The tradgety!!!!
it was soo sad the poor little freezy (sp?)
left on the ground
but yeha
it was sad i fell to the ground and yelled
yeha i am overdramatic when it comes to food lol

well yeha humm
there is gonna be a sleep over at SummerBaby10's house lol
just some time to hang out on the week end and put my plans of stealing
Moonofadarkness' kidneys out and then selling them on the Black Market lol
it should be really fun
lol i havne't really gotten the chance to hang out with peoplz alot this summer and i shal now!!
lol well yeah hum
i still
have to find out if i am allowed to go my parent's are realyy strict when it comes to sleepovers and stuff like that lol
yeah so humm
well humm yeah
i shall leave now cuz well my mind is a blan k kk lol
welll bye!!


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