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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   SORRY!! that my site is so hard to read!!!!!

Dear Friends,

well hiya
i'm felling alot better and wel my mood is gone!!
as you can see i have changed my BG
but there is one problem
i ca't find the right freaking color to go with the bg
every thing that i try you can't see on it
it's soo sad!!
well yeah
oh i get to hang out with my friend tomorrow
(the one from Ontario)
i guess that is about it....
i need to buy a life
does anyone know if any stores are having sales on them??
well yeah humm this is gonna be a short post cus i have really nothing to post so yeah

oh i do have a qoestion

kk wat episode are you guys on for Inu Yasha????

cuz in canida we are on episode.....
wait let me check gack!!
shit it won't work the stupid website is down!!!
in canada we are on episode i think we are on episode 100 or some thing like that well the last episode that was on last night was the seven year snow one
where miroku is captured and put under a spell by a demon that resembles the woman that helped raise him when he was a child

so yeah


well could you help me pic a color for the bg
or if anyone has anydiffrent layout that i could try
it would be alot of help if you could
tell me which colors i should pic

well for noe i apologize taht this is so hard to read!


oh oh look at this Quiz hhe it's eyes!!!

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