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Friday, August 5, 2005


Dear Friends,

well i haven't taken my DVDs back yet
but i will
i will

well yeah today was the first day of school for me
yeah my summer is over
which sucks!
but oh well i got to see a whole bunch of my friends!!
adn i got "THE BOOK"
back lol
yeah heh eso i have been writing in that for along time
oh yeah i guess i should tell you wat the book is lol
well we just pass it around during class and write randome thingys in it lol we haven't been caught yet by a teacher which is good hehe

to day our pricipal finnaly let us chew gum in class so now it' snot against the rules!!
it was awsome lol
but yeah
oh we had to go to a new school lol and i kinda almost got lost on the bus lol
yeah it sucked lol

uhumm.. wat else happened lol

oh our classes
they are pretty much the exact same as the one that i had last year!!
yeah there are all of the three Alex's that arein grade 9 in my class again
yeah 2 of them are okay i only ever talk to 1 and the other out of the three i can't stand the STALKER may he BURN in hell!

well yeah
over all today was a good day and yeah
lol nothing really happened though
it was boring
man i need a better life lol
well yea hat least i need my life to be more interesting!

oh here are some pics??
the theme is

i have no i dea wat!! lol time for random pics!! display pics that is lol

i shoot you Pikachu lol

hhahaha lol


this one is the best for me lol cuz i do get conffuzed alot lol

yumm cookies!!

for all the three pics above all so sad!!

okay well that is it lol
oh the next time i change my them i think it will be to
Ah! My Goddess

well yeah


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