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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Samurai Champloo

Dear Friends,

well hey there everyone
thanx for all the comments on the last post i wrote
and FriedChocobo thanx for the laugh i needed that lol
and that is too bad that you don'thave a reset button like me it's just soo sad lol jk
well yeah i'm somewat happer now today
heh cuz i bought the whole season of Samurai Champloo
yeah i went to Go East and it was for $30 hehe
and remember that is Canadian!
lol so yeah
i also wanted to by Gravitation but it only was in Chinese subtitles
SC was in English subtitles *cheer*
i also bought Yami No Matsui 2, Girl Got Game 10 adn Hanna Kimi 7
they are all so good
and i'm soo happy i got Yami No Matsui!
the devil Thrill story was so awsome lol
i have somewat become a litte bit obsessed with it lol
but yeah
i went over to Moonofdarkness' house lol it was fun
heh we had popsicles and stuff and i got to meet
he's so cute lol and he has sound effects for every thign !!
oh and his bro is funny he says that Root beer tastes like Toothpaste lol
i would love to have that kind of tooth paste!!
well yeah humm oh i have been drawing alot more latley maybe som eday i shall post up my fan art may be first if all i need a scanner
but i won't be geting one any time sooon!
but someday some day i shall
and that is a promise!!
i swear!!!
i shall get one
nothing shall hold me bck from my dreams of
lol jk
well i must go and watch Samuri Champloo
good day!
fair well
talk to you tomorrow!

okay now i am officall pissed off!!!
i putin samurai Champloo
and when i tried to put it on English Subtitles it didn't work!!
and the stupid thing isthat at the GO EAST placeit worked FINE!!
i checked every single disc and it doens't work!!
the theme song is in English Subtitles but then after that it's all chinsese!!!
I'm soo mad!
garg!! so now i have to wait till my dadd gets home from Golfing so i can tell him then if we are in luck Go East will still be open
hopefully i can return it
or else i shall have to learn how to read Chinese
so mad!!!!!!!
I was soo excitted but now i am not !!


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