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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Wake me up from this eternal nightmare

Dear Friends,

well hi every one
i hope that your summers are all going great
well yeah
today isn't a verygood day for me at all
it's one of the days when everything just catches up with me
no matter how hard i try i can't get rid of this day!
so yeah
i've gotten in to my "mood" again
i would say please don't worry about me but i can because if anyone out there is like me
when some one says don't worry it makes them worry only more about the unknown and wat is to come
so know that i am fine okay ^_~
my moods are just brought up but random things songs or anything and well yeah i
i'm tell ing you this rightnow that i may sat in my mood for a couple of days
it's just that everythign is catching uo to me
the deaths of everyone
and the separation of my loved ones
and some stuff that happened earlyler this year concerning a friend on mine
and now worring about another person i consider a friend i don't know if she considers me on but i consider her as one
so yeah
i just need some time to sort things out
but i'mm be back on myO tomorrow hopefully alot better and alot more level headed
well i've changed my BG
and theme again
to something that would fit the mood that i am in
abd it's gonna stay for some time to come
so please tell me about your guyses summers!!
please do
and down below is a poem
you don't have to read it cuz it's crap! once again lol

Whisper of what was
i fell as if i am drifting away for every thing i once knew
falling in to an eteral darkness from which there is no escape
i call out
but no one hears me
the me that was here before is gone
and the real me is slowly comeing forth
everything that i knew and everything that i wanted
is gone
all that is left is the Whipser Of Wat Was


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