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Monday, August 1, 2005

   i'm back!!

Dear Friends,

well hey i'm back Again
but this time it is for good!
well stuff is better now
and my summer is almost over
it sucks lol
wwwell yeah
i hope all your guyses summers are going good
i had this family reunion that i went to
it was soo fun!
i met my cuzin and he is in a rockband and they rock!!
i got into this water fight with my Aunts and cusins lol
it was so much fun!
we were like filling up huge buckets of water then dumping them off balchoney at people lol
my Dad got so pissed off at me
he was y elling at me to stop but i didn't lol
it was way too much fun!
well yeah
i'm finally back home
and it's so fucking hot!
it's like 37*c and well that is hot !
i had New Zeland Chocolate
it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
it melts at like 34* and wow it is good!!!
hehe i also had my veery first somre!
i know i am deprived!
but yeah
i'm soo sorry about not getting to guest book signings i'm sorry i'm really busy
but i'll do it tomorrow or sometime this week i promise!

school for me startes on the 5th a freaking friday!!!
it sucks soo much lol
but oh well i get to see all my friends lol
and YEAH!! i'm in grade 9
i feel old lol
yeah oh well
i have n't put up pic in a while so i shall put some up now!!
the theme is

hehe i love it !!

Shinn is the best!! I can't wait till Gundam Seed Destiney



kk well that is that for this post TTYL

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