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Sunday, July 3, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys!
i gots comp acces for now at least
it's gonna bbe hard though for like the next 2 week yeah
but i'm trying !!!
well yeah it's like
12am where i live lol and the Live 8 thingy is over lol
yeah it was pretty long but i have to say t hat it was good
yeah well i wish all of you Americans out there a happy
4th of July!!!
have fun!
lol and to all you Fellow Canadians out there i hope that your Canada Day KICKED ASS
lol mine didn't but hey watever lol
well yeah ...
i'm in a really small town right now and there is nothing to do!
man !!
my cusin is still tired from her Dry-grad so we can't do anything plus her boyfriend is over lool
and yeah so i'm sitting here all alone
by myself
cold and alone
at 11:57 pm
lol well yeah
my life has been really boring for the past couple days lol
nothign to do and well
nooneis on msn
damn them having lives lol
well yeah
gack i'm bored
i think i'm gona poke my eyes out with a spork right now
actually i don't thinki wanna do that lol
i like being able to see lol
seeign is good be cause it i could't see i would n't be able to watch,...........
man that would be really sad
well humm
i want you guys to pick a theme for me for next month kk
the choices are
A) Bubble Gum Crisis
B) Inu Yasha
C) Gundam seed
D) X
E) Spiral
F) Yami No Matsui
G) DNAngel
H) Noir

so yeah please pick

cuz well yeah..
or if youhave any other suggestion then please post them up kk
wel yeah i think that that wwas all that i had to say
bye for now....
*evil Stalking grin*\

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