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Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear Friends,

The days of magic are finally here.
Oh Ota-fest how I have long for thee.
But you are here now, and that brings me joy.
Let us be wed.

It's finally May long, and the anime convention is here!
I am so stoked for it.
I plan on blowing my entire paycheck today and tomorrow.
You can expect pictures in the near future...
Well a link to my photobucket or something like that.
I didn't get any sleep last night.
My mind was racing, i love ota-fest.
It truly is the magical.
I look forward to Sora and Riku Cosplayers.
Otani ones may be looked forward to as well.

My head is about to explode.

Death Cab for Cutie released their new CD “Narrow Stairs” this week, and I must, must obtain it.
I will Possess You Heart, has become my newest life track.
It's truly brilliant and beautiful.
I want it.

I'm on a mission.

I want to find members who still use myO, who live in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.
I need this.
I need to reconnect.
I want this
– it will complete me.
I want to attend Ota-fest with more people this year and the year after and the year after that
– it's a mission of mine.

Grade 11 is almost over.
I do not want it to end
- I want Junior High back.
I miss it.
I don't mis the school, as much as I miss SOME of the people.
I do not want summer.
I hate it. I need people with me. I can't be alone.
I just can't.

I think I'm going to go insane if I'm alone this summer.

Cuscus – out.

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