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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dear Friends,

Hello everyone!!!

I didn't keep my promise yet again, but I have a very good reason ... well it's more of an excuse. My computer was recently bombarded with Trojans. It was quite the epic failure. So, I had to take my beloved computer in to get fixed and well, $ 300 + later here I am. All my files got wiped off and now I am starting from square one. It bugged me at the beginning, but at the moment, it doesn't really phase me any longer, because it served as a valid excuse to go out and buy more CDs. As I type this I am reloading about half of my iTunes library onto my computer hahaha.

Currently nothing has changed with me, I'm still single and I'm still trying to get through school. I cannot believe that it has been well over a month since my last post. I just can't believe it, I mean I used to be on here every single day, and there was a point where I was making at least 2 posts a day, and I can't believe that it has gone from that to only a few posts every month. =( It's not so premium. So anyways ... back to what I was talking about before. I made it through all my classes last semester with a passing grade. And now that the new semester has come along, I have a feeling that I should do a fairly good job grade wise. I've made a few new friends this year ... which takes a lot for me. I can hang out with a person from months and still only consider then an acquaintance ... it's weird, but it's just the way that I get things done ahhaa. I've also distanced myself from people. It's just a part of life I guess. I'm slowly moving forward, although currently it feels like I'm taking one step forward and then 2 back. I'm pretty surprised with the way that everyone around me seems to be changing and here I am stuck as the same person.

I've put some thought towards what I want to do after Highschool, but my mother doesn't approve and I have doubts about it as well. I want to attended ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design), hopefully to receive a degree in photography. Although I need to work super hard, but I think that it's something that I should try and do. =/ But enough about the depressing future. =)

Today I bought all of Mr. Patrick Wolf's CDs, a Björk CD and a Idiot Pilot CD, so over all it was a great day lmao.

Enough about me! How have all of you guys been!?!?! Inform me please, for my lack of being in the loop is not so premium. =((

I am off.

Love x Kysha

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