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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dear Friends,

On Thursday we came to the mutual agreement to end it. I�m kind of glad that we are just friends now. Things seemed to be way too complicated when we were dating. He�s my best friend, the older brother that I wish I had. I just need him in my life, and as long as he is there, things will be right. I did love him, he knows that. I still love him and I hope to God that he knows that.

The new school quarter starts on Monday, and I have decided that since so many things in my life have changed, I�m going to start over at school. I�m still keeping the same friends, but I will try to have more of a back bone. I will try to stand up more for the things that I believe in. I will stand up for the people I care about. I�m going to try harder in my classes, which means less computer time, but I think that I need to get things in order.

I�m so excited for the big road trip that Frankie, Michael and I are going to go on, once Frankie has graduated. I just can�t explain how excited I am. You guys all know how much I love the both of them. I actually think that if they were the only two people that I could talk to, that I�d be fine with it. Maybe I�m just messed in the head.

Thank you for all the compliments on my photography. I�m slowly beginning to add more to my deviantart which is feedthestars. I hope that I can keep improving my pictures. Thank you for all the comments, I haven�t �received this many in a while. ;)

Thank you for the compliment on my site. Although I still thing that it isn�t that great. Ahaha.

And to Pancake, much ♥ to you too.

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