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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Friends,

Hulllo there =)

Sorry that I posted and then kind of poofed again. I had this massive Photography assignment that was due on Wednesday. I honestly thought that I wasn't going to get it done. I was in such a panic and that was all I was really focused on. I truly forgot about all my other assignments it was all Photography, photography, photography.

I've become obsessed with masquerades. I want to throw a masked ball so badly , I am going to try my hardest to convince my school to have one, because I think that it would be fantastic. Like I mean seeing as it is only a high school dance, people don't have to have over the top dresses and suits, they just need an amazing mask. I think that it would be a fun time.

School is still going well, I had two tests today, and well I'm pretty sure that I failed my Chemistry one. I wanted to get out of class so baldy, and when we were done, we had to wait like 10 minutes but then we were let go. But I got to leave earlier than that. I got kicked out =). I'm sitting at the table, and rolling my lip chap then all of the sudden my teacher was all "KYSHA GRAB YOUR BAGS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASS" I was mad because I hate chem, so I smiled and say, " I'd be glad to" and left. =) My teacher is a paiiiin~.

So I have 3 of my pictures from the twenty used in my Photography Portfolio assignment. The first one is of this little boy that I saw at the park, His father was pushing him on the swing, and I just couldn't miss that. He was far too adorable. The second is a picture of downtown Calgary. I miss it so dang much, and I was so glad that my mom drove me there to take pictures. The last is of my friend Rachel. I only like it because of the shadow. =) It makes me happy. The pictures were taken with a Canon 20D and either a 50m lens and a 100-400m lens. Take a look if you want =)

Pic one
Pic two
Pic three

So, other than that, I am a boring person, and nothing is new with me. How are things with all of you guys? What are your plans for Halloween? ALSO I am thinking of making a Deviant Art, but I need ideas for a screen name. Anyone care to throw some ideas my way?

have a good one.

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