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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iím in a horrible mood again. Fantastic mood to be in for the weekend no?

I worry too much, but Iím actually worried about Mark.
I know itís normal for him to be doing drugs and drinking.
It just worries me because of Ö I donít know. Iím just so scared heís going to get hurt.
Iím worried that he is going to go too far. Because I have the feeling he will.
I wish I could just wrap him up in my arms and protect him.
I canít.
I wish that mark would get that girl of his dreams.
That they would be happy forever.

Once again Mark has come to my rescue. To save me from my demons if only for a little while.
Talking with him makes things seem so much better. Like Iím not alone in this.

I miss Michael. I wish I could talk to him, I know Iíd be in a better mood after that. He makes everything so much better. I wish that I could see him and hold him. Just see him if only for an instant. I hate my mother restrictions. Why should I spend that time dreaming? When real life is better with you.

Iíve been listening to Julia Ewing all day. She is fantastic. Brilliant. She is gifted with the most amazing voice. I suggest you all give her a quick listen. If you like acoustic music, itís worth it.

But Iím going to go.
Sorry this isntí really a post you can comment to.
Iíll post something happier tomorrow.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten to sites.
i promise i'll limit these sob story posts.

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