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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dear Friends,

I hasn’t … I just said I hasn’t O.O HODEAR, where has my grammar gone? Anyways.

So I’m talking to my friend mark right now. He is the most Infinite and Evaluate boy I know (besides Michael xD) and well, talking to him always make me wonder. Can a person be empty with happiness? I mean is that really possible? If it is it has to have another name besides being “empty with happiness”. And I wonder what that is. He always puts on this façade. And even though I am talking to him on MSN, I can still tell that it’s a façade. Because it doesn’t take long for him to break down and open up. And that is what I love about him. He’s okay with letting other people in. Letting other people help. And it really doesn’t matter that I’m just a self-help booth to him, because the way we talk makes it seem like he genuinely wants to know what I have to say. Maybe he does. I don’t know. Anyways, I wish that everyone could have a friend like Mark. Because they help you through so much.

So I’ve also found my self wondering what in the world is the opposite of feeling infinite. Is it being empty with happiness? … I guess none of you know what I’m talking about. Infinite is … it’s a hard thing to explain. It’s just … have you ever had one of those moments where you want time to stop right then and there, and you feel so amazing that words will never match up to the actual feeling, or you just feel like you’re actually alive and living for the moment. That is guess is Infinite. It’s different for every person.

But I’m rambling. I’ll leave you along. Have a good one.

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