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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear Friends,

I guess I should have explained things better in my last post. So I am going to clear up questions.
Mochi is a Japanese ďsnackĒ Itís a ball or sweet red bean paste wrapped in sweet sticky rice flour. It is awesome, but definitely and acquired taste.

Credits So By the end of grade 12 I need at least 100 credits to graduate. It doesnít really matter how many credits you get every year, just as long as it adds up to 100 by graduation time. Iím ahead =D lmao.

So today was a meh day. Iíve decided that I am going to cute ties with one of my friends. I mean she never makes an effort to keep the friendship going, and so Iíve decided that Iíll be fine without her. Because the facts are, I am so far.
Sheís gotten into some things that I donít like, and I know about them-but she doesnít know that I know, and well anyways she is distancing herself from me because she thinks that way, she wonít have to tell me. That annoys me. Also she only talks to me when something bad happens to her. Iím not a self-help booth. But anyways, cutting ties could be harder than I thought, because she is friends with the majority of all my other friends, and I donít want it to be awkward. And I donít want them to be caught in the middle. But the thing is, I just canít put up with her anymore. D:

I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show today. I love that film so much. Itís fantastic and brilliant and phenomenal. I need to see it on stage. I have to.

But that is all. Have a good one you guys.

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