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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Friends,

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He doesn’t want to step out side of the present, this present. Because once he does, there will be college applications and college acceptances (just one will do) and the last day of everything (last class, last party, last night, last day, last goodbye) and then the world would change forever and he will go to college and eventually become and adult. That is not what he wants. He does not want those complications, those changes. Not now.
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So today was fun, I bought Mochi. =D I haven’t had mochi in such a long time. It is quite delish <3~

I have a horrid school schedule. I went to change and revise it today. It is even worse than it was before. I’ll end up with 98 credits by the end of grade 11. So really I could graduate after the first quarter of grade 12. =D

I bought books today, and I bought Are We There Yet by David Levithan and The Last Days by Scott Westerfled. The Chunk at the beginning of my post if from the fantastic book, Are We There Yet. I love it.
I decided to post that chunk, because that is pretty much the same way that I feel about my life. Yet another reason why I happen to think that David Levithan is so talented.

That was my day. Have a good day you guys.

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