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Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

I'm back. I bring stories that will paint a smile on your face. I also bring a new level of dislike for my mother.

Staying at my fathers was fun. I was nocturnal for the majority of the week. I enjoyed it though. I would start working at 12am and we wouldn’t finish till about 5-6am. I have to say that it was an adventure. There was this one kid Dallas. He was so stunned it was unbelievable. Here is the one conversation.

Donavan: You feel how rough that is on your ass Jesse?
Jesse: Yeah...Why?
Donavan: It's getting you ready for jail.
Sam+Kysha+Jesse+Donavan+Dallas: *laugh like idiots*
Sam: Hey Dallas, we're going to send you to jail too.
Dallas: I'll Love it there. (he said it with the straightest face the world has ever seen.)

There were other things, like when Dallas randomly asked Donavon if he was a virgin out of the blue, because to Dallas he looked like one. [roflmao]
There were many conversation on the same lines :]

So the dislike of my mother is because of something that hasn’t even happened yet. I called Frankie today and she said that Mike’s mother wanted to plan a surprise sleep over for him. I haven’t seen Mike since may :[ So, that mean this is something I am looking forward to but the thing is I’m so scared to ask my mo because of her “no seeing Mike” rule. Oh well.

Other than that, I am boring. I’ve made a picture for the mmm_jrockcrack community on Livejournal. Check it out!

Well I think I’ll leave you, have a good one.

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