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Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iíve been reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower over and over again these past few days and I do have to say, it is still my favourite book. I still find it amazing that Mr. Stephen Chbosky wrote the screen adaptation for Rent. He really is a talented fellow. I look up to all the work he has done.
Seeing as I start school in a few days, Iíve been starting to wonder what it is going to be like when I leave this place. I mean when I leave home, I donít think that I will be leaving myO in the near future. I always find myself wondering this at varying points of the year. I have yet to figure out what I want to study. Nothing really interests me. The only things that do are: films, and the show Intervention. Thatís it, nothing else. And I really donít see how I will be able to make a living out of that.
I canít imagine living away from home, out on my own with the entire world there for me to explore. I have these childish ambitions of wanting to see the world, to meet as many people as I can to hear their stories. Stories so personal and heartfelt, you canít help but get swept up with emotion by listening to them. Maybe Iíll become a social worker Ö although I really do doubt that Iíd help any. Iíd probably make things worse. Maybe Iíll be a Ö I have no clue. I still have a little less than 2 years to figure this out. Iíll make it work one of these days.
Has anyone ever heard of the band Parfait? They are a J-Indie band, and I can never ever find anything on them whenever I make the effort to do a search on them, I always get pictures of people eating parfaits or recipes for them. Itís not fun at all.
I watched Stand By Me today. I had forgotten why I loved that movie. I do hope that I never forget again. It is too fantastic.
Also, It is my mothers birthday today. I don't know what to get her. She never tells what she wants and she buys the things she needs. D:

Well, I think Iím ending this post now.
Have a good day all of you. *hug*

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