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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the comments. They mean a lot to me. They really do.

It's beginning to get cold in my house. Even though it is summer we have the thermostat set to 75 degrees, and I still happen to think it need to be turned up another 5 degrees. Although I do believe I have solve this problem. I have been doing a lot of baking lately. Not for a certain reason, I do it when I am bored. (there is a point to this I swear) Last night after I finished baking, I sat down to watch Intervention and while I was watching it, Frankie called me. I explain to her how I had made cookies, and she ended up coming all th way out her to pick up some. It made my day.

I decided that I would call Mike today. I tried to get up the courage to tell him about the situation. I've kept him in the dark about it. I don't want to see him sad. I couldn't tell him. He started apologizing for not calling me for so long, and his family said hi to me over the phone, asked me how I was doing, how my summer was going, when I was going to come and visit them and I couldn't do it. I know, I need to grow a back bone, I need to be strong. In that moment though, i couldn't. I'm an idiot.

There is a lot to the story unfortunately. The majority of it surrounds my mother and I. It's a pain. Long story short. My mother doesn't approve, I haven't told him or his family, I feel horrible because whenever he wants to go out I can't because of the situation and I have pulled Frankie's family into it as well, seeing as they are cousins. So, I'm hurting a lot of people. More then I ever want to in my entire life. That is what is making this hard.

But that is enough of my sob-story. I'll figure it out. Give me time, I usually figure these things out.

I've been watching The Breakfast Club. I adore this movie. It is amazing and wonderful and it cheers me up no matter what. And today was no different. This post is getting quite long. I think I'll end it here.

Have a good one you guys *hugs*

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