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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear Friends,

Today, I had another moment, where for some reason I was filled with a ton of anger. I scare the shit out of myself a lot of the times when I do this. I honestly think that I need to see a shrink. I just need to think of a way to explain this to my mother, so that she will believe me.

In other news I got to talk to my friend Nie-Nie (Nigel)! I havenít talked to him since the last day of grade 9. So over a year pretty much. I missed the art adventures that I used to have with him. He told me that he works a Safeway. So I plan to visit him the next time he is working. The only thing is I need to convince my mother to drive me into CowTown so that I can visit with him. Iím crossing my fingers. Iím hoping she will let me.

Iíve decided that I just might try writing again. I hope it turns out.

Have a good one you guys. *hug*

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