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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dear Friends,

I have rekindled my love for Axel Rose and all of Hanson. I have to say that it has been quite an amazing day.

I ended up going to the mall with Rachel. I didnt buy anything; I just sat there giving disgusting looks to the stores like: Lulu Lemon and Artzia. I honestly hate stores like that. They annoy me. I mean why buy insane-o high priced clothing like that? There really is no point. Sure it may look nice, but you could be spending that money on something better. That is my thought at least.

I got home, flipped on the TV, to my surprise, Hanson was on MTV!!!! I found that through the entire half hour they were one, I was squealing. I was a complete Fan-girl! Then when Isaac, Taylor and Zac signed Jessis (Jessi is a host) chest, and started singing to her, I was so jealous. I mean right then and there she was living out every fan-girls fantasy! Im quite glad that the Hanson Brothers are touring again though. I will buy their new CD. The picture below is of Jessi & the boys from Hanson.

There was another thing that I find hilarious about MTV. They have this section called Heads Up To Pot Heads and they update all of the pot heads across Canada about new discoveries about good ol WEED. So, anyways the one host Daryn said this:
Smoking one joint is equivalent to smoking FIVE cigarettes. People who smoke weed also have an increased chance of schizophrenia.
So then, after he said that, I started thinking, and all of the sudden I burst out laughing with:
But hey, at least one of your personalities wont have lung cancer.
I thought that it was quite funny. It made me laugh for a long period of time. looool@potheads across canada.

Then, later, while I was watching Video On Trial, they were critiquing Welcome To The Jungle By Guns N Roses. I do have to say that Axel Rose was dang sexy when he was younger, but now he is all LOOK I HAVE LEARNED THE MAGIC THAT IS BOTOX! Its quite gross.

But that was my day.
Have a good one you guys.

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