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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iím watching the first episode of Popular. Dear Lord, I love this show with all of my being. It is too amazing for words. If you guys havenít heard of it WATCH IT. It follows the lives of several students, going through the trials of high school. Itís 100% a show that you need to watch from the beginning to get all of it, but still you can watch it from any point and it is still brilliant. I canít get over how awesome the first episode was, especially the scene where they are all thinking about different things. Harrisonís was the best. (I adore the chunk of blue that he has in his hair.). Also I love the part where Sam questions the Japanese students in the mall. The one girl is all BLUE EYE SHADOW and crimped ponytail. But, overall, I have to say. *ahem* MERRY CHERRY HAS HERPES. ♥ ♥

Rachel came over today. Together, weíre a combination for disaster. Rachel burned herself on the oven, then she electrocuted herself on the electric fly swatter thing, then she fell down the stairs at my place. It was amazing.

Sorry about the post yesterday. It was all I could find myself thinking about. I wasnít sad or anything, I just well, really miss the Big 8. ahaha, yeah. That was all.

I find myself getting quite obsessed with Marty Casey. He is too pretty for his own good. The song below is Trees. Itís beautiful.

Have a good one you guys.

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