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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Friends,

Last night was absolutely perfect.
It started Rachel, and I decided that we were going to walk to the Taco Time to get a taco, seeing as it was Taco Tuesday. We step out of her house, walked for honestly, not even 2 minutes, then all of the sudden it starts raining and hailing. It was marble sized hail. We were soaked for head to toe; it was if we had both decided to jump in to a pool.

Then, I got home and talked to Mikey, that made me happy seeing as I haven't talked to him since last Tuesday, because I have been scared to call him, seeing as if my mom caught me, I think she would murder me. I know that isn't a reason, but I can't help it.

Around 7:15 Jimmy, Rachel, Mitchell and I decided that we were going to see hairspray. It was a fantastic film. Rachel, Jimmy and I were dancing in our seats and singing along with all of the song. At the end of the movie Rachel, Jimmy and I started clapping and the entire theatre joined us! I do have to say that is amazing, I mean, I've never ever seen that happen. It's fantastic I recommend it to anyone.

After, we all headed off to the Wendy’s across the street and on our way there, I saw Shanelle, I hadn't seen her for a year! We caught up, talked about small things, and then we were off to continue our adventure to the fast food. Once there, we argued about who loved hairspray more, it came down to a tie between Rachel and I. We ate ice cream and stole fries off of jimmy, who was too busy eating his Baconator. After, we piled in to Jimmy's car and started off down the highway.

We rolled all of the car windows down and plugged in Blink 182, we all sang along and screamed of the music to ask how everyone was doing. It was truly amazing. I can't describe the feeling, but just sitting in that car, driving down the highway, blasting music and "rocking out", you all need to experience something like that.

On Monday, Frankie slept over. Even though we didn't do anything but sit and talk, I had a ton of fun.

Ahaha other than that, nothing.Have a good one.

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