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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was excellent. I woke up at 8 and flipped though the channels until found-to my surprise-Hairspray! I was so shocked; I couldn’t believe that I was sitting in front of my TV with the chance to watch the original version of Hairspray. The film was fantastic, for all of you guys that haven’t seen it. It deals with issues like racism, even though from the preview they are showing now, it doesn’t seem like it would. It’s beautifully written, and I can’t wait until I am able to get the chance to see the remake in theatres.

I’ve also gotten the chance to find time to watch NANA 2. If you have not seen it, it is magnificent. I found myself crying through a lot of it-although I am a cry-baby, and a large majority of the time it isn’t a deep heartfelt crying, but a shallow and panicky type. Anyways it was fantastic. Not as good as the first, but I am hoping and praying that there will be a third one. If not I will be quite depressed.
This film wasn’t like the rest of the films that I have been watching. I mean all of the other films I watch are good, but at the end of this one, I was moved. Have you ever watched a film and when it is over you can take a deep breath and once you have done that, you feel like you can take on the world, like there is no limits to what you can accomplish. Have any of you guys thought something along the lines of that after you have seen a truly fantastic film? Or am I just insane.
I’m determined to find the music for this film. Even though there were only like 4 songs, they are all wonderful, if I am able to fin them, I will be adding them to the MP3 player at the top of my page.
As I was saying before about the whole “taking a deep breath and feeling like you can do anything” thing, there was this one scene in the film that I felt really pushed that forth. Nana and Hachi are standing in front of the window in their apartment, and through the window the sky is filled with exploding fireworks of all different colors, and they are hugging, but in that moment, in that scene .. I don’t know how to explain it. I thought that it was beautiful though. I guess why I though it was so beautiful because of the rest of the film, but I don’t want to give any of it away.
If you want to watch NANA 2 [click here] I don’t know what I would Do without Crunchyroll.com

I also watched the Japanese Live Action of Hana Kimi. It is fantastic. I’m not sure if I like it more that the Taiwanese version, but still it is amazing in its own way. For anyone that is a Hana Kimifan, I recommend that you go and see it.

I just arrived back from seeing the new Harry Potter film. I really did like it. For me, it was a little more serious that the other 4 before it, but that is what I liked about it. I believe that I pissed off a large majority of the people in the theatre. My friend Rachel was constantly making comments and well, I couldn’t help but laugh. There was this one;
“Everyone else in the movie has a British accent, but he doesn’t he’s all like ‘Oh no! They be after me Lucky Charms’”
I honestly couldn’t help but laugh. Then there was the;
“OMG, when he said that I swear he was going to add an I Love You to the end” Rachel.
”Really? I though that he would have added a little pelvic thrust.” Me.
Again, the two of us should never be allowed in public.
IT was a great film though, I really did enjoy it, although it wasn’t one of the “deep Breath” ones, it was still fantastic.
One thing that I love, is how My city turned one of it's streets downtown in to Diagon Alley. I wish that I could have gone so much, I bet it would have been awesome.

I suppose I should shut up and let you guys get on with the visiting. Have a good one.

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