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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iím sitting here, in front of my computer, and it just doesnít feel right. I know that Iím home, and yet it still feels like Iím not. If that makes any sense.

I watched the most amazing films last night. My entire day was consumed by my thoughts on these films. I watched: Gerry, Elephant, Last Days and I am about to watch Goodbye Lenin. All of these films have been added to my list of favourites. Then again almost every film that I see is added, because at the time that I see it, I tend to think that it is the most amazing film to date, but then sure enough another one comes out, and I think the same about that one. I think I am going to put a summary for the first three films next, so if you donít want to read about them, scroll to the bottom =D

Gerry: Matt Damon and Casey Affleck are driving buddies, who are going on a hike to see a ďthingĒ, but after conversation they finally decide that neither of them are interested in this ďthingĒ so they then decide to turn back. It soon becomes apparent that they are lost in the desert. After several days of wandering in silence they both pass out from fatigue and dehydration. In the end, only one survives closing the movie with an awkward car ride filled with silence. Even though there is minimal dialogue in this film, it is still worth something. Gerry is based on an actual event which can be read about in Journal of the Dead. Gerry is the first movie in Gus Van Sant's Death Trilogy

Elephant: The movie tells the story of a school shooting waiting to happen, though the eyes of several people. It shows how everyone with the school was connected whether they knew it or not. John Robinsonís character is aware of what is going to happen when he sees two students entering the school with guns and large duffle bags strapped around them. He instinctively warns people to not go into the school, and yet no one pays attention. When the first shot is heard the student body goes into a panic. The two students branch off into different sections of the school shooting everyone who happens to come their way. The movie ends with only one of the two students alive debating to kill to kids he found hiding in the freezer. There is no resolution. Elephant is loosely based on the Columbine High School massacre and is the second movie in Gus Van Sant's Death Trilogy

Last Days:The movie fallows the life of Blake a alienated rock star. If you like Kurt Cobain, I suggest you see this movie after all it is loosely based on his last days alive. Blake dies from a guns shot. The ending of this movie hints at the possibility that Blake could have killed himself, but there is a scene that leaves you to wonder. Last Days is the last film in Gus Van Santís Death Trilogy
Other than watching those movies, I really have done mothing but listen to music. I have become especially obsessed with this one song from Last Days itís called, Death to Birth I happen to think that it is magnificent. There is also another song from Goodbye Lenin that I am quite fond of. It is a piano solo called Summer 78 I believe. I am going to try and put those sites on a MP3 player so that I can put them on my site. They should be up fairly soon. I promise.

I guess I should be going. I already wrote that huge post yesterday. Have a good one.

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