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Monday, June 25, 2007

You Honestly Dont Need To Read.

Dear Friends,

Iím trying to figure things out. Iím an emotional wreck at the moment. Feel free to laugh. I donít know what has gotten into me lately.

I miss him, a lot more that I really should. I know Iím being stupid, and Iím being selfish and childish, but I canít help it. I should listen to friends and never get mixed up in this stuff, because although there are the good times, there is so much that I wish just wouldnít be there. So much hurt that comes from absolutely nothing. Maybe I just need some meds or something, maybe this is a chemical imbalance, I mean really no one can belike this at the rate I am. Maybe I just need a good nights sleep and then in the morning Iíll feel better.

If you have known me for a while, you know that I get like this quite often. I really think that I have a problem. No, I are not suicidal. You guys donít have to worry about that. Iím just a clingy person by nature and I miss not having him here beside me. But, alas, I will get over it. Give me some time =D

Sorry about wasting your time. You shouldnít have read this.

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