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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dear Friends,

Hey there lovelies ;D
So, What is happening with you guys?
Nothing is happening with me, I'm still quite boring.
I got AIM =D
just for a J-Rock RP that I joined.
If Anyone wants to add me just leave it in a comment, and I'll send my SN to you. ;D
SO other than that, I'm so happy that school is almost over I have 3 days and like 4 test to do, and then i am EF AR EE EE FREE =]
I can't wait, It is going to be absolutly amazing.

What do you guys plan to do with the summer?

So In other news, I bet alot of you guys have heard about the reunion of X-Japan.
So, I have to say I dont' know if I should be happy or depressed about it, I mean I'm happy they are touring again, but I mean really, they might as well just slap a new name on them, because even though they are getting like 10 different guitarists to take the part of hide in various preformances.
I don't know, What do you guys think about it?

have a good one ,
Sorry I don't come here as often. ♥


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