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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Matsumoto Hideto.

Dear Friends,

If you were to walk down the street and ask people if they knew his name,
The massive majority of the people would-without hesitation-answer,
ďNo, who is he?Ē
But that isnít what matters.
What matters is that for the people that have heard of him,
We can say that we know just how fantastic of a person he was.

Honestly I didnít know who he was in 1998.
I didnít find that out until 5 years later when I was 12.
Then, I wished that I paid more attention to the media.
Since then, I am unable to go anywhere with out his music.
It has inspired me to do things that I didnít think were possible.

You were only 33, and you still had so much left in life.
Iím sure that it would have only been a few more years until
The entire world would be screaming you name.
You are the only man who will ever be able to pull off a combination of
Lime green and Hot Pink. Many others will try, and fail.

Youíre music will never leave us and because of this,
we will always remember you.
from the videos that I have seen of you, I can only imagine
just how truly amazing you were, and I bet that my assumptions
isnít even anywhere close.

For the past 3 years, I have cried on this day.
Iím not afraid to admit this.
I only wish that I could have had the chance to meet you.
That I could have been born a few years earlier,
And that I could have gotten the chance to actually meet you.

Matsumoto Hideto.
We will never for get you.
We will always love you.

To us you are God.

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