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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Friends,

Heii Durr. =D
As you can see I have changed my site, I was beginning to grow tired of the other colors and well, I hope that you guys don't mind the new colors that I have chosen.
So, I actually had some fun at the birthday party yesterday. We went bowling (Which I absolutely suck at) Then it was back to her house for cake and presents. ^^ It had been a while since I was at a birthday party, I do believe that the last one that I went to before the one yesterday, would have been Mr. FC’s in September. xD So anyways, I got to play with the cat at her house, and the thing was massive I’m not joking, it was so huge, I could barely pick the cute thing up!
Even though I did have a fun time, there were some things that ended up making the night a pain in the butt. *sighs* All I have to say is dumb love …. Squares? Ahahahaha. I really wish that I could have been allowed to spend the night, so that I would have been able to comfort my friend Mary Ann, but unfortunately I wasn’t. =(

I did end up seeing a movie yesterday! I was forced into seeing Disturbia. Now the thing about that is I absolutely HATE scary movies! During the movie I was curled up into a ball and hiding behind my sweater. I was glad that my friend Mary Ann is scared of scary movies as well, because then, I didn’t feel so alone. =D It was hilarious, there was this one point in the movie, where the main character pulls a blanket off and just the sound of the blanket caused my friend Mary Ann to grab my foot, squeeze it as tight as she could, and then shriek at the top of her lungs. I couldn’t help but laugh. My friend Rachel says that she is going to take Mary Ann and I to go see a bunch more scary movies. I really hope that she doesn’t. >__< ;;

So how was your weekend? Anything fun and/or exciting happen?


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