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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dear Friends,

So, as of Friday, I have been on MyO for 2 whole years! I've only been a member of one other thing for longer than that, so I do have to say that I am proud of myself xD

So now that I have said that, there isn't much going on with me at the moment, school is a pain as usual, I have a birthday party to go to aswell ^^ The only problem is that I don't really like the person that is having the party, but oh well, I can put that aside for a day, and just make sure that she has a fun Sweet 16.

On friday I ended up going to a dance, ahaha, I had to wear a dress for it, seeing as it was formal. I actaully didn't mind it, but I still maintain my dislike for dresses. I had a TON of fun, and that is all that matters no?

I'm sorry that I haven't been here all that often. I would like to take this time to blame Moonofdarkness for getting me hooked on Dramas, I have been sitting on my but infront of the omputer pretty much everyday zoned out on drama, and it is all her fault xD So far, I have finished Hana Kimi & Sassy Girl Choon Hyang. I am working on finishing Tokyo Juliet & Witch Yoo Hee, and I have just been watching all the music videos that I can, which proves to be alot of fun. I also love the commercials that I am able to find, they are so halarious!

But yeah, other than that, I am a pretty boring child who sits at home and does nothing. Oooh. I might see go see a movie today.

Have a good one you guys *hug*

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