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Monday, April 16, 2007


Dear Friends,

Hi there you guys!
I'm soo sorry that I haven't been on here again *slaps*. Gee, I need to get myself on here more often! I can't believe that I am taking so many breaks from here. Well, I will be trying harder. *nods* So, now that I am on here, I think that I will actually be able to make a LONG post hahahha.

Well, on the 12th I ened up going to a concert, it was The Hush Sound, Boys Like Girls and Hellogoodbye! ^^ I have to say that I had a really good time, I ended up pushing my way to the front row with Midnightgirl. Plus, it was Moonofdarkness' 16th birthday! It was a pretty fun time. After the concert we got to meet some of the members of the bands; I ended up getting a picture with Chris from The Hush Sound and an autograph from him aswell. Then I got a picture with Paul from Boys Like Girls. That made my day! After that it was back to moonofdarkness' place where a sleep over commenced. *laughs*

So, I just realized that in 11 days I will have been on MyOtaku for 2 years! I'd have to say that that is a big accomplishment for me, I have only been on 1 forum for longer. *smiles* Oooh! I also got my learners! I'm happy. *laughs*

So you guys, tell me about your Spring Breaks. Any interesting stories?

Well other than that, I think that I shall be going now, I need to get ready for school (uggg) =P
Have a good one you guys.


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