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Saturday, February 3, 2007


Dear Friends,

Hello there.
So i guess that I have been gone for what...3 or 4 days right? Man I really have got to stop doing this! What happened to before when I was on here everysingle day? It really goes to show just how much things have changed, since I made this account like a year and a half ago. =P
So nothing much is new. I made a Pin coushin in Fashions class, and well It was suppose to be a heart, but it ended up looking like AFRICA. ROFLMAO. Is that even possible? I mean really?! Oh well. I guess that it is if I am able to do it. *nods*. SO yeah I have some homework that I need to get done. Social stuff, and science. Woo. Famoous Canadian Report and Lab here I come!!
Have a good weekend you guys!

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