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Friday, January 26, 2007

   `I need to stop

Dear Friends,

Well haroo thurr!!
How are all of you? I'm pretty dang good. I changed the music on my site! It's my fave song from the NANA movie. It's called My Medicine. I think that it is just an amazing song. I don't know why, But I absolutly love Mika Nakashima's voice. It's so unique and so diffrent, and I mean really. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like her voice. I love how it goes so high in some parts. I think that it is amazing that she can reach some of those notes. My little brother doesn't like it too much. While we were watching the NANA movie, I was telling him how I loved her voice and he said it was great, but he said that when she hit those high notes that it awful. I did not agree with him, as most of you would have probably guessed. =D
Well I have changed my AVI to fahrenhiet!! They are an amazing band! Wu zun and Jiro make my day.
Well, I am getting tired, so I think that I am going to go now. Have a good one you guys.

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