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Monday, January 22, 2007

`Adventures of a sick little girl - -

Dear Friends,

Harro there cuties. =D
So, you know what. I have gotten alot weirder that I ever was before.lawl. And I am not kiddin` about this. I swear I am getting weirder and weirder by the minute! I have pretty much become more obsessed with Nexopia.com! Do anyone here have a page there? Anyone? If you do have a page, or if you just want to check out mine the link is right thurrr: Nexx. SO if you have one feel free to add me. Just make sure that you drop me a message/commment saying who you are. =D
So yeah. Other than that I have done pretty much nothing at all! My Birthday was on the 15th, so I had a pretty sweet time. Got many a phone call. One was from my auntie in Portland. She pretty much wrecked what she got me for my birthday and ruined the surpise. But she made up for it by explaining how she would get me a Dir En Grey shirt the next time she came up. PLUS she also made my uncle speak to me. The Jap. Lol that is what he calls me. You gotta love family. They are pretty sweet.
Apparently I got married to a friend on my birthday as well. All I can say to that is Midnightgirl Oooh Baby =O. ROFLCOPTER.
Well I should let you go.
have a good one sweeties =D

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