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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Dear Friends,

Well hey there.
I went POOF again. Sorry.
So I have been come obsessed with the Taiwanese Drama for the anime Hana Kimi. It is amazing, and SO Halarious. Rui-Xi (aka. Mizuki) has the most fantastic facial expressions. I love them muchly with all of my insides. IT is because of this drama, that I found out about the amazing band; Fahrenheit. Two of the guys that are in the band, are in the drama. Jiro and Wu zun. ^^
Wu Zun is my absoluty favourite. He is mine. xD
I have claimed him. lol I am going to post pictures of him at the end of this thingy. Sadly I can only post a few seing as Photobucket is under matenince. Grrr.

Well today I have a English test. It's my final. Hopefully I can do well *nods*. I just really hope that I can do really, really well. Yup.
Here are the pictures of Wu Zun and

The First 3 are of All of the band, and then the last one is just Wu Zun. Because well, I just really like to look at him. And I like to hear him sing. But nya... xD

Well, I better go, I need to get ready for school.
Have a good one.


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