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Monday, August 6, 2007

Dear Friends,

I canít help but laugh at myself. Iím pretty much the only person out of my group of friend from Junior High that isnít in to drugs. I saw it coming though. I mean how do you not see that coming? Oh well, It happened to make me laugh when I realized it.

Iíve just arrived back from my aunts. I found out that I get to go to Japan next year. Iím quite excited and I plan to get a job soon so that I can start saving money for all of the things that I am going to buy there.

Other than that, nothing is really new, in the Ö 4-ish days that I have been gone.
I hope you guys have a good one.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dear Friends,

I have rekindled my love for Axel Rose and all of Hanson. I have to say that it has been quite an amazing day.

I ended up going to the mall with Rachel. I didnít buy anything; I just sat there giving disgusting looks to the stores like: Lulu Lemon and Artzia. I honestly hate stores like that. They annoy me. I mean why buy insane-o high priced clothing like that? There really is no point. Sure it may look nice, but you could be spending that money on something better. That is my thought at least.

I got home, flipped on the TV, to my surprise, Hanson was on MTV!!!! I found that through the entire half hour they were one, I was squealing. I was a complete Fan-girl! Then when Isaac, Taylor and Zac signed Jessiís (Jessi is a host) chest, and started singing to her, I was so jealous. I mean right then and there she was living out every fan-girls fantasy! Iím quite glad that the Hanson Brothers are touring again though. I will buy their new CD. The picture below is of Jessi & the boys from Hanson.

There was another thing that I find hilarious about MTV. They have this section called Heads Up To Pot Heads and they update all of the pot heads across Canada about new discoveries about good olí WEED. So, anyways the one host Daryn said this:
ďSmoking one joint is equivalent to smoking FIVE cigarettes. People who smoke weed also have an increased chance of schizophrenia
So then, after he said that, I started thinking, and all of the sudden I burst out laughing with:
ďBut hey, at least one of your personalities wonít have lung cancer.Ē
I thought that it was quite funny. It made me laugh for a long period of time. looool@potheads across canada.

Then, later, while I was watching Video On Trial, they were critiquing Welcome To The Jungle By Guns N Roses. I do have to say that Axel Rose was dang sexy when he was younger, but now he is all LOOK I HAVE LEARNED THE MAGIC THAT IS BOTOX! Itís quite gross.

But that was my day.
Have a good one you guys.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iím watching the first episode of Popular. Dear Lord, I love this show with all of my being. It is too amazing for words. If you guys havenít heard of it WATCH IT. It follows the lives of several students, going through the trials of high school. Itís 100% a show that you need to watch from the beginning to get all of it, but still you can watch it from any point and it is still brilliant. I canít get over how awesome the first episode was, especially the scene where they are all thinking about different things. Harrisonís was the best. (I adore the chunk of blue that he has in his hair.). Also I love the part where Sam questions the Japanese students in the mall. The one girl is all BLUE EYE SHADOW and crimped ponytail. But, overall, I have to say. *ahem* MERRY CHERRY HAS HERPES. ♥ ♥

Rachel came over today. Together, weíre a combination for disaster. Rachel burned herself on the oven, then she electrocuted herself on the electric fly swatter thing, then she fell down the stairs at my place. It was amazing.

Sorry about the post yesterday. It was all I could find myself thinking about. I wasnít sad or anything, I just well, really miss the Big 8. ahaha, yeah. That was all.

I find myself getting quite obsessed with Marty Casey. He is too pretty for his own good. The song below is Trees. Itís beautiful.

Have a good one you guys.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Friends,

No point to this. I just wanted to say it.

I miss the Big 8

(only 8 people will get this. Only 1 of them comes on regularly)
I'm done now, lol have a good one.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iíve never felt such satisfaction in just sitting around doing nothing. The entire day, I sat on my ass, not listening to music, not watching TV, not reading. I just stared at my ceiling for who know how long. I let myself think about all the things that I think are wrong with my life and the lives of the people that I care about. I tried thinking of solutions to all of the problems, and then eventually I lost track of what I was thinking and then I did nothing but stare at the texture on my roof. I can honestly say that I donít know what happened during that time, all I can remember was seeing my ceiling, but I donít remember thinking anything else, all I remember is the texture. I know, it sounds odd, but I really donít know how else to put it.

Recently I have been obsessed with making theseÖI donít know what to call them. All I do is take song lyrics and then ďsmooshĒ them together using different fonts and colors. Nothing spectacular, but it helps to pass the time.

My little brother is coming home tomorrow. I know that this is a horrible thing to say but I donít k now if I miss him. Iím quite odd when it comes to missing people. Iím terrible for the first 2 weeks, I cry and complain but then after that, Iím fine. I guess it is because maybe after that 2 week period I realize that I can live without them, and I donít need them in my life. I really wish that I would get it figured out, hopefully one day I will.

I leave early tomorrow morning to go and pick him up from my Auntieís house. Four hour, with no air-conditioning, road trip here I come! Although I am quite happy to be going, because I get to see my cousins, I adore my cousins, especially my cousin Santana. I used to always wish that I could have been her. I was stupid-not to say anything mean about my cousin, but I realize now that everyone needs to experience their own things, and in doing so, they need to build confidence within themselves. Yeah, I donít know where I am going with this.

Is it horrible that I am looking forward to seeing my cousin and not my little brother?

Have a good one you guys.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

My layout was beginning to piss me off. I don't know why, I just couldn't look at it. It irritated me. So, I have gone back to my regular site design, at least for now.

Öthat is all. xD
Have a good one.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iíve discovered that I am a horrible ďearly-morningĒ runner. I decided yesterday along with my friend Rachel, that an early morning run would be a great thing to do. I get up this morning strap on my shoes and head out side. Iím not a morning person, and well I am very fit either. It was muddy outside, and I slipped about 4+ times. About 1 hour into our run, Rachel and I gave up and went back to her place.

We rented The Messengers. I hate scary movies, but I forced myself to watch it. It actually wasnít that bad, but I now dislike crows. If youíve seen the film, I think that you will agree with me. ^^ It was an okay film, not one of my favourites but I do believe that I will move on.

As you can see I have decided to try my hands at making a layout. If it isnít working that right, please let me know so that I can fix it. Have a good one.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Friends,

Last night was absolutely perfect.
It started Rachel, and I decided that we were going to walk to the Taco Time to get a taco, seeing as it was Taco Tuesday. We step out of her house, walked for honestly, not even 2 minutes, then all of the sudden it starts raining and hailing. It was marble sized hail. We were soaked for head to toe; it was if we had both decided to jump in to a pool.

Then, I got home and talked to Mikey, that made me happy seeing as I haven't talked to him since last Tuesday, because I have been scared to call him, seeing as if my mom caught me, I think she would murder me. I know that isn't a reason, but I can't help it.

Around 7:15 Jimmy, Rachel, Mitchell and I decided that we were going to see hairspray. It was a fantastic film. Rachel, Jimmy and I were dancing in our seats and singing along with all of the song. At the end of the movie Rachel, Jimmy and I started clapping and the entire theatre joined us! I do have to say that is amazing, I mean, I've never ever seen that happen. It's fantastic I recommend it to anyone.

After, we all headed off to the Wendyís across the street and on our way there, I saw Shanelle, I hadn't seen her for a year! We caught up, talked about small things, and then we were off to continue our adventure to the fast food. Once there, we argued about who loved hairspray more, it came down to a tie between Rachel and I. We ate ice cream and stole fries off of jimmy, who was too busy eating his Baconator. After, we piled in to Jimmy's car and started off down the highway.

We rolled all of the car windows down and plugged in Blink 182, we all sang along and screamed of the music to ask how everyone was doing. It was truly amazing. I can't describe the feeling, but just sitting in that car, driving down the highway, blasting music and "rocking out", you all need to experience something like that.

On Monday, Frankie slept over. Even though we didn't do anything but sit and talk, I had a ton of fun.

Ahaha other than that, nothing.Have a good one.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Friends,

Iím quite happy today. I was searching around for this one video-Iíve been searching for it for quite some time, but today, I finally found it! Do any of you guys like RIZE? If so, youíll like the video.

To answer a question from yesterdays post, no, I did not write the lyrics, they are from the song that is on my site. Itís called: Youíre making it come alive by My Favorite Highway

Iím quite bored, so I think Iíll settle down with a good book. Have a good one

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear Friends,

[ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]
I've finally come to realize that we are all the same
If there's nothing left to lose then there's every to gain
All the paragraphs and pages you could write could not contain
It is curious and careless and it's flowing through my veins

The fear of growing old, and doing what you're told

You can't disguise a heart while it's breaking
You hide behind the smile you're faking
It's all about the chance you're taking

Oh, and you know that you're making it all come alive

If your life is so damn comfortable then why do you complain?
A reflection in the alcohol you're pouring down the drain
Just because you paint a picture doesn't mean it fits the frame
This is my West Coast intervention and I'm getting on that plane

When all of your mistakes are keeping you awake

The sun is setting and it's ending 'cause you're letting it go
Forgetting everything you already know

And it all goes to show that you're moving to slow
It will end up changing you, it will end up changing you

Life flies by so you have to embrace it
Forget the past 'cause you cannot erase it
So live the dream, and learn to chase it
And when you can almost taste it
It's all come alive

[ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]

I will always look for the best in people. I wish I could act on the things I say, and not just speak five dollar words that will never be backed up.

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