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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there
this post has 2 pouroses count them 2
the first one is
well there has benn someone going around deleting GB entries
yeah i thought i should warn all you guy

and the second is
i have wrote a story
it's not a fan fic sadly it's just a regular story
you don't have to read it but i would apppreciate if you did

well here it is

Vilolet Taylor felt something cold ono the back of her neck and spun aroung trying to grab whatever had touched her.She was shocked at the sound of whatever it was hitting the gravel ground of the park. To see the Icecream sandwhich still on it's wrapped oon the gravel.Behinde her stood Sarah arms flying around at the sight of the icecream on the ground.
Sarah laughed. "Look what you have done to the poor Ice Cream! What the hell did it ever do to you to deserve such a horrible crule fait."
"Sorry"Violet mocked as she picked up the Ice Cream Sandwhich and unwrapped it from it white waxpaper jacket."Five second rule."she added as she took a bite.

Violet sat down on a plastic grey sing seat. lookinglike a guy in her oversizesd baggy jeans and extra large T-shirt. her short glossy black hair and eyes out lined with plack and purple.
Sarah sat beside her. Arms wrapped with red ribbons that were tied at the tops of her arms. Her long plae legs covered by thin thigh (no clue how to spell it lol) high socks and black Chuck Taylor High Tops. Her long green hair put up in to Pigtales at the side of her head.
"so why the hell are you here. It's after 4 shouldn't you be off with Dan by now?" Violet commented as she gazed at Sarah, her watch, then Sarah again.
"That fucking Fag! NOpe Not Anymore! he's so fucked up right now that it's gotten to the point where i can't stand him!"
Violet rolled her eyes but then smiled at the fact that Sarah was saying such a thing.Violet and Sarah had been friends their entire lives and Violet knew that tomorrow Sarah's outlook on her boyfriend Dan would change completely.
Violet Grabbed the Metal Chains of the swing and leaned back so that her head was almost touching the Gravel. Sarah was leaned forward carefully avoiding the metal with her back huncheed, hands on the ground and Neon green hair hiding her face.

kk well yeah that is as far as i got last night
i hope that you liked it
i'll post some more some time lol
well yeah


Your guy from Gundam SEED is... by jazie
Hair Color:
Coordinator or Natural:
Date You Met:April 5, 69
Your G.S. guy is:
Your chance of staying together:: 100%
The first thing he said to you:"Hey, you took my gun!"
The place you met:Alaska
Quiz created with MemeGen!

hehe i got NIcol!!!!!!
he is mine!!!


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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey these are so much fun!!
hehe move your mouse over the pics and watch wat happens!

it's so much fun!!!!
i love it!

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