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Friday, August 5, 2005


Dear Friends,

well i haven't taken my DVDs back yet
but i will
i will

well yeah today was the first day of school for me
yeah my summer is over
which sucks!
but oh well i got to see a whole bunch of my friends!!
adn i got "THE BOOK"
back lol
yeah heh eso i have been writing in that for along time
oh yeah i guess i should tell you wat the book is lol
well we just pass it around during class and write randome thingys in it lol we haven't been caught yet by a teacher which is good hehe

to day our pricipal finnaly let us chew gum in class so now it' snot against the rules!!
it was awsome lol
but yeah
oh we had to go to a new school lol and i kinda almost got lost on the bus lol
yeah it sucked lol

uhumm.. wat else happened lol

oh our classes
they are pretty much the exact same as the one that i had last year!!
yeah there are all of the three Alex's that arein grade 9 in my class again
yeah 2 of them are okay i only ever talk to 1 and the other out of the three i can't stand the STALKER may he BURN in hell!

well yeah
over all today was a good day and yeah
lol nothing really happened though
it was boring
man i need a better life lol
well yea hat least i need my life to be more interesting!

oh here are some pics??
the theme is

i have no i dea wat!! lol time for random pics!! display pics that is lol

i shoot you Pikachu lol

hhahaha lol


this one is the best for me lol cuz i do get conffuzed alot lol

yumm cookies!!

for all the three pics above all so sad!!

okay well that is it lol
oh the next time i change my them i think it will be to
Ah! My Goddess

well yeah


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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Samurai Champloo

Dear Friends,

well hey there everyone
thanx for all the comments on the last post i wrote
and FriedChocobo thanx for the laugh i needed that lol
and that is too bad that you don'thave a reset button like me it's just soo sad lol jk
well yeah i'm somewat happer now today
heh cuz i bought the whole season of Samurai Champloo
yeah i went to Go East and it was for $30 hehe
and remember that is Canadian!
lol so yeah
i also wanted to by Gravitation but it only was in Chinese subtitles
SC was in English subtitles *cheer*
i also bought Yami No Matsui 2, Girl Got Game 10 adn Hanna Kimi 7
they are all so good
and i'm soo happy i got Yami No Matsui!
the devil Thrill story was so awsome lol
i have somewat become a litte bit obsessed with it lol
but yeah
i went over to Moonofdarkness' house lol it was fun
heh we had popsicles and stuff and i got to meet
he's so cute lol and he has sound effects for every thign !!
oh and his bro is funny he says that Root beer tastes like Toothpaste lol
i would love to have that kind of tooth paste!!
well yeah humm oh i have been drawing alot more latley maybe som eday i shall post up my fan art may be first if all i need a scanner
but i won't be geting one any time sooon!
but someday some day i shall
and that is a promise!!
i swear!!!
i shall get one
nothing shall hold me bck from my dreams of
lol jk
well i must go and watch Samuri Champloo
good day!
fair well
talk to you tomorrow!

okay now i am officall pissed off!!!
i putin samurai Champloo
and when i tried to put it on English Subtitles it didn't work!!
and the stupid thing isthat at the GO EAST placeit worked FINE!!
i checked every single disc and it doens't work!!
the theme song is in English Subtitles but then after that it's all chinsese!!!
I'm soo mad!
garg!! so now i have to wait till my dadd gets home from Golfing so i can tell him then if we are in luck Go East will still be open
hopefully i can return it
or else i shall have to learn how to read Chinese
so mad!!!!!!!
I was soo excitted but now i am not !!


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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Wake me up from this eternal nightmare

Dear Friends,

well hi every one
i hope that your summers are all going great
well yeah
today isn't a verygood day for me at all
it's one of the days when everything just catches up with me
no matter how hard i try i can't get rid of this day!
so yeah
i've gotten in to my "mood" again
i would say please don't worry about me but i can because if anyone out there is like me
when some one says don't worry it makes them worry only more about the unknown and wat is to come
so know that i am fine okay ^_~
my moods are just brought up but random things songs or anything and well yeah i
i'm tell ing you this rightnow that i may sat in my mood for a couple of days
it's just that everythign is catching uo to me
the deaths of everyone
and the separation of my loved ones
and some stuff that happened earlyler this year concerning a friend on mine
and now worring about another person i consider a friend i don't know if she considers me on but i consider her as one
so yeah
i just need some time to sort things out
but i'mm be back on myO tomorrow hopefully alot better and alot more level headed
well i've changed my BG
and theme again
to something that would fit the mood that i am in
abd it's gonna stay for some time to come
so please tell me about your guyses summers!!
please do
and down below is a poem
you don't have to read it cuz it's crap! once again lol

Whisper of what was
i fell as if i am drifting away for every thing i once knew
falling in to an eteral darkness from which there is no escape
i call out
but no one hears me
the me that was here before is gone
and the real me is slowly comeing forth
everything that i knew and everything that i wanted
is gone
all that is left is the Whipser Of Wat Was


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Monday, August 1, 2005

   i'm back!!

Dear Friends,

well hey i'm back Again
but this time it is for good!
well stuff is better now
and my summer is almost over
it sucks lol
wwwell yeah
i hope all your guyses summers are going good
i had this family reunion that i went to
it was soo fun!
i met my cuzin and he is in a rockband and they rock!!
i got into this water fight with my Aunts and cusins lol
it was so much fun!
we were like filling up huge buckets of water then dumping them off balchoney at people lol
my Dad got so pissed off at me
he was y elling at me to stop but i didn't lol
it was way too much fun!
well yeah
i'm finally back home
and it's so fucking hot!
it's like 37*c and well that is hot !
i had New Zeland Chocolate
it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
it melts at like 34* and wow it is good!!!
hehe i also had my veery first somre!
i know i am deprived!
but yeah
i'm soo sorry about not getting to guest book signings i'm sorry i'm really busy
but i'll do it tomorrow or sometime this week i promise!

school for me startes on the 5th a freaking friday!!!
it sucks soo much lol
but oh well i get to see all my friends lol
and YEAH!! i'm in grade 9
i feel old lol
yeah oh well
i have n't put up pic in a while so i shall put some up now!!
the theme is

hehe i love it !!

Shinn is the best!! I can't wait till Gundam Seed Destiney



kk well that is that for this post TTYL

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   hi ya

Dear Friends,

well hey there
heh i changed my theme to BUBBLE GUM CRISIS !! i hope i spel that right lol
i'm back
but not for long once agian
well yeh a
i'll be back on for goood
on this comming monday
well yeah
my summer sucks and it has gotten worse there was a death in the family and stuff like that but
hey stuff happens and i have to say haveing a buddist family is cool
they did tis cool cerimonial thingy it was cool
but then again it was mounrug my g-pa's death
but yeah
well my army of cats has gotten biggeer
there a kittens all over the place !!
it's crazy!!
well yeah
i get to see my friend who lives on the other side of canada far form me
she loves anime!!!
i think that i have caught up on posts and stuff but i'm not sure lol
well i finally got the pics !! yeah !!!
lol so here they are !
they are weird and well moonofdarkness took the pic and since they are crappy blame her not me HER!!
well here they are
BEFORE......~look down~



so yeah as you can see blame HER for the crappy ness lol
well yeah
thanx for commenting you guys and well yeah
oh i want to hear about your guyses summers okay !!
everything that is going on with you
well yeah
that kinda sounded creepy but i didn't mean it to be creepy
or did i
think of that when you comment

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   i am back but only for a bit !

Dear Friends,

well yeah i'm back for a bit i can't check any of your sites cuz i'm on a comp that has dial up
it takes soo long !
well yeah
sorry i will check your sites ass
LMAO!! i mean as soon as i can kk
and well yeah
sorry that it has taken me soo long lol
i have missed so fricken much!! man i don't know if i can keep up !
well yeah
shit damnso how are is your summer ?//
i hope it isn't as crappy as mine lol
but oh well yeah lol

ohh you have to read this it's sooo funny !!

Friend, When you are sad,...I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. When you are blue,...I'll try and dislodge whatever is choking you. When you smile,...I'll know you finally got laid. When you are scared,...I will rag you about it every chance i get. When you are worried,...I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining. When you are confused,...I will use little words to explain it to your dunb ass. When you are sick,...stay away from me until you're well again. I don't want whatever you have. When you fall,...I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath. I pledge 'till the end. Why you may ask? Because you're my friend!

well yeah
oh Mayrill i hope your comp get's better lol
and Moonofdarkness please kepp me updated on Avalon 32 i went there today and i only posted 2 things cuz i was sooo lost kk
and please do it by E-mail
thanx and oh to all you who have visited my site while i was gone Thnx and for the people who have signed my GB and i have not returned that
I'm sorry
i will doo that as soon as possible kk
well thanx !! oh the next post i write will have the pics that i promised!! lol
well yeah
have a awsome summer!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dear Friends,

well hey guys i 'm back but i must leave again lol
yeah i won't be back till the end of the month or like sometime in august
i'm really sorry to all of you
please forgive me and enjoy your summer vacations!!
well yeah ttyl !

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Sunday, July 3, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys!
i gots comp acces for now at least
it's gonna bbe hard though for like the next 2 week yeah
but i'm trying !!!
well yeah it's like
12am where i live lol and the Live 8 thingy is over lol
yeah it was pretty long but i have to say t hat it was good
yeah well i wish all of you Americans out there a happy
4th of July!!!
have fun!
lol and to all you Fellow Canadians out there i hope that your Canada Day KICKED ASS
lol mine didn't but hey watever lol
well yeah ...
i'm in a really small town right now and there is nothing to do!
man !!
my cusin is still tired from her Dry-grad so we can't do anything plus her boyfriend is over lool
and yeah so i'm sitting here all alone
by myself
cold and alone
at 11:57 pm
lol well yeah
my life has been really boring for the past couple days lol
nothign to do and well
nooneis on msn
damn them having lives lol
well yeah
gack i'm bored
i think i'm gona poke my eyes out with a spork right now
actually i don't thinki wanna do that lol
i like being able to see lol
seeign is good be cause it i could't see i would n't be able to watch,...........
man that would be really sad
well humm
i want you guys to pick a theme for me for next month kk
the choices are
A) Bubble Gum Crisis
B) Inu Yasha
C) Gundam seed
D) X
E) Spiral
F) Yami No Matsui
G) DNAngel
H) Noir

so yeah please pick

cuz well yeah..
or if youhave any other suggestion then please post them up kk
wel yeah i think that that wwas all that i had to say
bye for now....
*evil Stalking grin*\

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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey yeah i guess that the picture thingy of my hair cut isn't gonna happen
well at least not for now anyways i did get my hair cut though!!
lol i'm just not gonna post up the pics yet lol
in one i look like the girl from th e grudge lol
or the girl from teh ring you decide when you see it !!
well yeah
today was so much fun!!!
i met
Fried choboco for the first time today!!!
and well
he actually di die his hair PInk lol
it's pretty funny
well yeah we actually did kinda end up throwing
Midnightgirl a going away party even though it wasn't really planned
well yeah it was fun

Fried choboco
Daisuke 101
and i were there
lol it was so much fun!!
lol we just sat in front of the computer and watched stuff on Albinoblacksheep.com
lol it was awsome!!
lol it was fun!!
i was attacked buy
a dog then i got peeed on it was groos my hands smelt like piss i had to was them like a bajillion times lol
and well yeah we got eaten alive my the damned misquitoes!!
i hate them !!!!!
well yeah LOL
i got to wear this glove it was awsome!!!
it was like a hobo glove!!!
but it had ribbon on it !!
i wanted them!
but they cost like 20 bucks!!!!
i was sad i was gonna steal them from
Summerbaby10's little sister

Fried chocobo had the other one in the pair and it's kinda point less to have only one glove
lol though i have to say it was pretty cool!
an also i would have to give
the little sister
20 BUCKS!!!
which i don't have cuz i'm broke!
CAMN my brokeness!!

but it was awsome!! fooby the Kamakazi watermelon!!!
so funnny
i almost pissed my self cuz i wa s laughing so hard!
lol then we watched this girl thingy it was awsome!!! lol
i don't know wat it is called .....
lol but yeah it was funny
"let grab some yougurt"
"i love you too brett"
it's really funny you have to see it to get it lol
but yeah !!
i ate bug spray!!
it tastes really nastly btw LOL
and yeah it's hard to get he taste out of your mouth after!
lol and i now have another person who agrees with me that Axe smells like ASS!!!!!
yeah it was fun!
i had an impulse so i had to let it out!
so all in all it was a good day though it's sad cuz
is moving in like less than a week well yeah it sucks
oh yeah i am talking my leave for a bit starting tomorrow it'll be hard to get acces to a comp for the next month
so i apologixe to all of you guys here
well yeah
i better
go my hands anre hurting from writting so much lol
(even though i didn't write alot heheh)


have a great summer!


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Dear Friends,

well hey there
thanx for the input on my story it really means alot to me !!!
and well yeah !
well i'm finally getting a hair cut!! booyeah! my hair will no longer be down to my ASS
yeah my mom doesn't want me to get my hair cut she thinks that young girls like me should have long hair!! which suchs especially in the summer cuz my hair is long dark brown and thick!
it's a big thing for me cuz i have only ever gotten my hair cut like 3times in my enrire life!
so yeah
i finally get to get my hair cut!
i'm so excited !! lol
i will put up a pic later of my old hari doo kk
so check back in like humm i guess about 4hours lol
or something like that lol it's oly gonna be of my back lol you shall never ever see my face wakakakaka
well yeah!!
i was so shocked i called my good friend Midnightgirl today and it said that her number was diaconnected!!!
i was shocked as i said
i tried again and i meade sure it was the right number but it said this number has bee dissconnected and is no longer in sirvice!!
i was sad!!
so i'm going ove rto her house to make sure that she didn't leave without saying good bye
i would be so mad at her if she did
but yeah
so i gotta go get changed and take a shower and crap like that
and well i'll post the pic later!
well yeah

oh this post is also suppose to say
that i will not be on as often during my summer vacation kk
yeah lol
i have to spend time wiht my aunt and she has like 4 kids who live on a computere and the sad thing is is that they only have on comp!! then
i'm going to my Dad's and he doesn't even have internet so i cna't go on then
and i am going to BC tomorrow and i shall
try to be on the
but yeah
i can't really be sure of
so yeah
to all of you
and TTYL

(i might now popst tomorrow so i though i would put that lol)


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