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Friday, September 2, 2005

Hundred and one things you don't know about me

Dear Friends,

Well hey there every one
As you can see I have changed my theme once again to SPIRAL!!
Weet woo
I got this Post idea from Ob53zt Tang3rtin3’s site!
Well yes
Here it is the One Hundred and One things that you may not know about me!

· I’m scared that one day I’ll end up all alone

· Though I love to be alone

· I love meeting people online and I hate it when people say that it is a waste of time

· I think that meeting people online is better than meeting people out there in the “real” world. They can’t judge you on your looks they can only judge you on wat you say and do!

· I truly believe that that is the way the world should be

· I hate it when people call me EMO! Even though I’ll listen to it

· When people tell me to smile and act happy I hate it! I’ll smile when I actually have something to smile about!

· I hate hypocritical people

· Though I am one if them!

· I hate my self because I always pick out my flaws

· And I pick out my Flaws because I hate myself

· I wish that no one had to die

· And yet there are time that I wish I would die

· I’m not suicidal so you don’t have to worry about me kk

· I hate it when people say don’t worry because then if gives me more reason to worry!

· And yet I always tell people not to worry

· I hate it when people say sorry and they have done nothing

· And yet I do it all the time!

· I hate labels

· I hate GameCube

· I hate politics and yet I’m really interested in it

· I’m always afraid that I will be alone forever and then I remember I have friends

· But then I have to wonder if well be friends forever

· I hate letting people in

· I don’t like getting close to people because I don’t want to get hurt

· I act like nothing is going on and that every thing is happy and yet on the inside I’m constantly ripping myself apart and wishing that things would be better

· I love all my friends and I would do anything for then I would die for then I really would

· I’m always afraid that I will never be loved then I remember that I have my family and I wonder if they truly do love me?

· I love using my E-mail

· I love talking on the phone but I would rather talk to people face to face!

· I am flatter easily!

· I get jealous very easily

· I hate how my family is always so loud and yet I am no different

· I’m always surprised when people hug me cuz I would never think of someone wanting to hug me

· I’m a fake

· Who puts on a mask to fit in an live day by day

· And yet with only a few people and one here can I be my true self

· I don’t know who that is anymore though

· I love music if it weren’t here I would have died a long time ago

· I love to sing when no one is watching because it’s fun!

· I love being embarrassed

· I could care less wat people say about me but when it comes to people saying stuff about my friends I could kil them!

· I have anger problems!

· There has been a time where I almost choked my little brother to death I have stabbed him with a pencil and well yeah but I love him to death

· I am a violent person but I am getting better

· I say that I hate to read but I love it

· Even though InuYasha is one of my favourite animes I think it is one of the most boring one out there!

· I love listening to sad music

· I love my family and yet I hate them all at the same time!

· I hate it when people say that being gay is a bad thing, some of my friends are gay and so are some of my family members

· I hate dressing up

· I would rather look like a rag doll then be some thing that I am not

· I’m addicted to the Internet! I love my computer and I spend more time on it than anything else

· I would rather spend the day in the house with one good friend then being out and about with a bunch of them

· I feel as if I only have 10 good friends who I can actually trust and that number is slowly getting smaller

· I don’t like to trust people cuz I don’t want to get left behind

· I love visiting sites!

· I think that each site depicts how you are no matter how hard you try to cover it

· I would rather spend a day at my house with one person that I can talk to for hours and hours than trying to talk over bunches of people

· I used to absolutely hate pink! But now it’s growing on me…I can stand it in moderation but I still won’t wear it unless it is in shoes

· I love to write and yet I hate it when I write for hours and hours cuz I think i am wasting my time

· I hate my step dad

· The places that I have come to fear the most is the place that I once loved the most

· I feel as if I’m lost all the time and that there is nothing that can fix that

· I love my cousin Santana my stepsister Candice more than they will know

· I hate my mother for splitting my father and my stepmother up!

· I hate my dad for blaming it all on my mom even though it was her fault

· I love my cats but they could care less

· I hate being used

· And I hate being lied to though I lie all the time

· I love all of you guys more than you could ever know

· I even think of some of you guys as sister (you know who you are)

· I hate what the world has become!

· I think that it is terrible and that because of our need to progress we will fail

· I love reading fan fics even though I never do

· I hate sappy movies and I love action

· I hate cry babies though I am one

· I hate crying even though I do it every day

· I hate the smell of smoke it gives me head aches


· I talk way too much

· I am suck a pervert >.<

· I love to laugh though I don’t do it nearly enough!

· I’m so happy that I joined MyO

· I love Tim Burton movie no matter how weird they may be

· Well I love it when people compliment me and I love hugs though I never give them out over the internet lol

· I hate it when people say “noob” or “noobie”

· The smallest things amaze me and I love being amazed

· I get bored easily

· I love zombies and vampires

· I hate saying I love you to people on a daily basis because then it loses it’s meaning and it just becomes and other saying

· I would rather have some one tell me that they love me once a month or once in their entire lives that every single day

· There isn’t enough love in the world to go around

· I tend to look to the negative side of things in my life

· Though I am a happy person

· I love making heart’s on the computer though many may find it annoying

· I hate being the enemy

· I have so much more to say but I can’t say it

· I hope that you guys can’ understand me more and well yeah

· You guys on here have made me laugh and cry more that I have in my offline life. I don’t plan to leave myO at least not for a long time!*smile*

· I love all of you guys please know that and I’ll be there to support you when ever you need it just say the word!

Well yeah that is all that I am posting for to day cuz well my hands hurt now from typing that much lol so yeah….

Have a great day you guys!


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Thursday, September 1, 2005

LIMES! = ¢¨ú

Dear Friends,

well yeahz
i know that alot of you guys have school today so yeah!
have fun!
*evil snicker*
and to all the people that i know that are just starting school today lol

for me i caught a lucky break
the school i am going to is still under construction and well yeah

so they had to eztend out holliday till tuesday!

so i am home all by my self chillin to some N.I.N
I still need to buy the new OLP CD
ciuz well OLP kicks ass!
and yeah!

humm i'm really bored today thoug!
there is nothing to do!
all of my friends here
are out with others and i am the odd one out!
but yeah
oh well i have my comp!

so i am not alone!!!!!!

my hotmail
isn't working i cna't answere e-mails it sucks!

but yeah


i shall be on my comp all day unles something happens which nothign will seeing as my life is so boring!
and yeah

i'm in pain!!!

and well yeahz lol

humm well yeahz i have nothing to post oh but you guys hould check out FriedChocobo's
site he has put up some awsome stories!

one is caled fake wings i believe
and the other is a fan fic
nut it's not an anime one lol
it's an disney one except it's not the general disney ating lol
well yeahz

so yea

i'm bored nad now i shall go take a midol cuz i am in pain then pig outon sugar even though it's not good but oh welli could care less!!

have a great day you guys!
oh i saw I'm not oaky for the 2 time in my life lol yeha in canada they mostly show Helena and Ghost of you!
so yeah..... heh i'm not okay!
well also does anyone know how to make hearts ?/o nthe key board it's not working for me so yeah...


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hi yeah there
yeah that web site was fun!
i Quit after the forth thngy lol
yeah cuz i got really scared cuz i got an e-mail from this guy
and well he was like i will find you
but i knew he was joke byy it still creeped me out lol
but yeah!
i'm soo scared of the rapist!
and yeah
well i just found out and hour agao that my Aunti Blanka lost every thing she owned in the Hurricane
and now they are homless and depending on the red cross!
but yeah
i feel soo bad for them!
i wish that there was some stuff that i icould do!
but yeah....

well it's like 10 pm right now and i just got back from my Step dad's friends house
yeah i had dinner there and it was nummy!

but yeah i met this guy who was into anime lol
he was cool
adn well yeah
WEET WOO!!!!!!!!!
i'm soo fricken happy right now!
but no really i am!

well yeahz!
i don't have scholl tomorrow so i have no clue wat to do
every one is busy with some one else
and yeah
oh i lost my wallet today
yeah and it had my September bus pass in it
and every thing!
i was sooo sad!
but oh well

all my ice cream is gonzo!
i'm sad
it is because SummerBaby10
and her sister were over and we pigged out!
lol it was fuN!
and yeah

it was fun!
i go to see their doggy Toad ( sp?)
she is soo cute!

oh we had the film festivle today!
my blender add was in it !!
heheh it was sooo FUnny
i love it!
well yeahz!

lol okay anyways!
hummm i have like 5 extra days off from school cuz construction on my school isn't done and well yeah
we don't even have a front door
i'm gonna put it that way lol
but yeah.......

DOn't eat toothpaste! it's bad for you! it says so on the Label!

well yea neways!
i am bored so i shall go watch
inuyasha and Gundam Seed
and then i shall find more words in the dictionary!
me and SummerBaby10
spent like and hour looking in the Portugese / english dictonary try to make sentences so far wwe had Screw me Hard
You Suck Balls
I'm gonna eat your unborn fetuses
i'm going to scrambble your unborn eggs!

lol yeah it was fun!
well i must go and be icecream deprived!
okay fair well



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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Best Website Ever!

Dear Friends,

lol hahaaha
i have found the best website ever!
it's like a freakin
and it's all thanx to SummerBaby10
hehe yeah all you have to do is put in their first inital adn last name then where they live!
it's sooo
i searched my name and i found myself!
i was sooo scared!
i was screaming at the top of my lungs!
it was soo freakin scarry lol
we looked up may others too
lol and some were wrogn but oh well lol
it's really Fun!
i was freaking out!
well yeahzz
school is donme for at least 6 days
Weet woo
woo woo
*dances *
well yeah i must leave now hehe
and have more fun with the web site kk

kk well yeah MY GUTS HURT for Sertain reasons!
i'm in pain! oh yes i am!

well i found my wallet!
YAYZ for the peoplz at the bus station! weet Woo

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Yummy, Yummy Junk Food !

Dear Friends,

Well hey
On Saturday I went to a Buddhist Funeral thingy¢¢ç¦
On the 49th day after a person has died they have this ceremony thingy.
And yeah I went
It was soo fun! Cuz I got to see another one of my baby cousins
I love her name lol
Well yeah.
I ate lots and lots hehehe
I had so much sugar I felt like I was gonna be sick!
And well I kept eating
I surprised my uncle with my football throwing skills lol
Even though my hands can¢¢ç¯t even hold the ball
(That¢¢ç¯s how freakishly tiny they are XD)
And yeah¢¢ç¦

Yesterday I got to go golfing!
Something that I haven¢¢ç¯t done in a month!
it was fun!
I really sucked though
I was I think 20 over par

I watched the MTV MVA¢¢ç¯s
I have to say that R Kelly¢¢ç¯s performance sucked!
maybe it¢¢ç¯s cuz I don¢¢ç¯t like him but yeah¢¢ç¦
(BTW I¢¢ç¯m writing this on Sunday and I am posting it today¢¢ç¦)
it was fun!
Lol I was helping my mom out and we got into a fight lol
But then I threw my pop at her and she got pissed so she threw her pop at me
And yeah
So we had to drive 3 hours in the heat all sticky!
I was sticking to the seat I swear!

But yeah it was fun!

I have soo much homework!
it¢¢ç¯s a pain in the ass
I hate it sooo much!

I bought this magazine that had a 20-page preview of Kingdom Hearts 2
Heheh ehhe
I was sooo happy!
There is a level that is Pirates of the Caribbean!
And you can fuse with Donald and goofy to get new things!
With goofy you can wield 2 keyblades and with Donald you get more magic!
And then there are new characters and stuffes!
Yeah I am currently hyper right now!
I had 4 Pepsis and a bunch of candy!
But yeah.
I missed the street festival!
I¢¢ç¯m so mad
Cuz usually the good anime stores down town have really good sales on their DVDs
And yet sadly I missed it
And I missed the moon cake
But I got Mochi
And other good foods!
I got Sushi too
It was sooo good
And I got pie from my auntie Atsu¢¢ç¯s magic trailer!
I might get to go to BC next weekend and visit my Cousin!
So I¢¢ç¯m happy
And well yeah¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦
Sorry I had to get that out of my system lol
And yeah¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦¢¢ç¦
I missed rock climbing I¢¢ç¯m so sad but oh well

Well I must go fly drink more Pepsi and eat more candy and do my Homework
So yeah
I better get going


Yes I am an Anime crazed Muffin! Sorry I had to add that cuz it was stupid lol
(sorry for my crappy spelling lol )

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lenore and the bleeding head of MOD

Dear Friends,

Well yeah sorry that I haven¡¯t updated the past couple of days I have been really busy!
And sorry that I haven¡¯t had the chance to get to anyone¡¯s sites lately!

Yeah well humm
On Friday I accidentally made MoonOfDarkness¡¯
Head bleed!
I have to say that it was pretty funny!
I had a good reason though
She stole Lenore! (best comic book ever!)
Yeah here is a Pic of it
*Look Down*

She took it and so I grabbed her by the shoulders and then she started kicking me lol
Then I accidentally tripped and fell down
I still had her by the shoulders and then I dragged her down lol
Then when she got up she took her hand off her head there was blood dripping down lol
I do have to say it was funny
We were both laughing and I finally got Lenore!
And I got Cake!
It was crappy cake though!
MoonOfDarkness¡¯ made it
That should be explanation right there lool
And yeha
Now I must wait for Gundam Seed Destiny!
And shinn
The best character in the world!
Humm well yesterday I wne to a funeral
I had to see another dead body
Locked up
And ¡°asleep¡± forever
I din¡¯t cryon ce again
And I got the same evil looks from every one
But I could really care less right now
Then I had to go to the cemetery and stand by the coffin
Everyone was throwing flowers and seemed happy!
I hate it when people act like nothing is going wrong¡¦
Though just for saying that I am a complete hypocrite (sp?)
I do the exact same thing
But yeah I could tell that tons of people wanted to cry and they didn¡¯t the wen ton like nothing was wrong
Oh well
I got to meet my little cusin Ethan
He is sooo cute and he actually likes me lol
Usually babys hate me lol
But yeha
I have to go to my dad¡¯s today
So I am writeing this post early in the mornig!
I am currently running on sugar and sugar lol
Which is never a good thing but it is fun!
Humm I am leaving and I might just get to see my step sisters half brother
I¡¯m not quite sure wat that would make him to me
But yeha
I haven¡¯ seen him for 4 years
And yeah¡¦
I thk that he is a year younger than me and from what I can remember of him
He was pretty cool
So yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦
And plus I get to see my cat!
weet woo my cats!
I love them all lol
Well yeha
I have soo much homework lol
It¡¯s a pain lol
And well I found out that that bus driver was fired cuz she had gotten a lot of complaints from other people B4
So yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦.
Well I must go and get ready to sleep in really uncomfortable positions in a car
For 3 hours then get out and be all stiff and almost forget how to walk lool
Crap I can¡¯t spell
Well yeah¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦
Oh BTW don¡¯t eat things that you find off the ground they are nasty!
I learned that yesterday lol
I want a slurpee! , a snake and I want to see the Corpse Bride !
Maybe I can see it with MoonOfDarkness and Idiosyncrasy maybe how knows¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦

(sorry i wont' get a chance to go to peoples sites this weekend i'll check them when i get back XD)

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Dear Friends,

welll soryy that i didn't post yesterday!
i didn't have time too
i have so much freaking homeowrk to do !
on Tuesday we had this really bitchy bus driver!
this grade 7 pulled the bell
a stop before we were suppose to get off
and the bus driver got all pissed~
she told us that she was turning the bell off
and if we wanted to get off we should talk to her
so it came to our stop and the grade 7 went up and said
i'm really sorry about wat i did and this is our stop can you let us off
the bus drive drives right past the stop!
i was like WTF bitch!
then this guy from the back of the bus was saying
Miss i thkn that this is really unaproprate(sp?)
the she said Shut up i don't care i want an apologie from every single on of them!
i was soo mad!
the he said this isn't fair your asking something from a group when only one person did it!
and the bus driver kept dirving!
so he started yelling MISS LET THEM OFF THE BUSS NOW!!!
then she stoped in the midled of the street and said i wantan apologie then opened the doors!
no on eon the bus thanked her every on turned to the guy and said thanx!
then lol we all got off the bus and ac ouple peopl ran to the front
and yelled BITCH at the top of their lungs
soo funny!

well yeah i played racketball(sp?)
lol it was soooo mcuh fun!
and squash(sp?)
yeah it was fun though i suck at it lol
though i was getting the hang of it lol
but yeah it was fun!

oh the commercial that i am woring on is getting better lol
we had to reshoot the hold thingy lol
adn it was funny !
the blodd stump! LMAO!
but yeah....
thanx for listening to me complaine abou the bus driver *smile*


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Monday, August 22, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey there well yeahx
this post is a little later than usual but i was doning home work lol
and well yeahz lol it was fun!

lol i thk that a bunch of people in my class think i'm weird
( that's not really new but yeah)
lol cuz today in class this guy Alex come s up to me and he is like i love you so much that you wouldn't even know
i knew that he was joking but i don't think that alot of other people knew that lol
so i turned to him and said well i hate your guts i ca n't stand you lol
and we both had a laugh but then this girl walks up to me and she is like
how the hell can you be som ean to the poor guy!
i was laughing so hard!
but yeah it was funny and the amazing thig is is that the whole pregnancy thingy has blown over wel at least for now that is lol

but yeha !
well we did this exparement in Science to day and i think that i came in like 5th place lol which is pretty good consittering that there were like 11 groups lol
but yeah
lol i just had to add that lol
well yea
oh i saw the new MCR vedio for GHOST OF YOU
and i have to say that it was diffrent
i liked it and all but it was alot difrent that wat i was expecting lol
it was still good though lol
so yeah........
well humm i thikn that is all that i have to say for today and well humm '
i get to go FLOGGIN (golfing) tomorrow!
yeah i know i'm a geek
and wel lthat is something that i am actually good at lol and then after i get to go mini golfing something i'm not good at lol
well yeah
humm that is all for now deffinetly lol

bye bye


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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Dear Friends,

kk well i see that a bunck of people were conffuzzed abou the whole
"pregnancy" thingy
well yeah i'll give you a summary for all of you who haad no clue wat so ever about the rumors


kk well this gir lstarted this rumor that almost every single girl in grade 9 was pregnant and the pricipal called a "disscissiion" for only the girls!
and it was like Mean Girls cuz there was one guy there and like all the girls

well yeahz
kk so wat else went on.....
oh i got the new White Stripes CD
and i can't wait till the new Our Lady Peace CD comes out as wel..

oh i have bad news!!
GUNDAM SEED Is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah i am soo sad baout that!!
i am gonna miss it so very much!
but humm that meas GSD can start YAYZ SHINN!!
well yeah
humm i wonder wat they are going to sdhow though in it's place .....
i shall cheer for that!!
well i did have fun at my dad's lol
and well yea

hehe thanx for all the Compliments on my new AVI!
well yeahz lol
humm i guess that that is all that i have to say for today lol
maybe something exciting will happen at school tomorrow
withthe whole rumor thingy lol
maybe everyone will end up with an STD


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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey there well now that the whole "pregnacy" thingy is over
i'm still pissed off though
cuz i think i know how did it and she stnads around acting like there is nothing wrong even though she know that the person who did it can get a week suspention
personally i though that it would be more but i gues snot
oh well
so yeah
humm well anywayz i am once agin going to my dad's and YAYZ i get to see my army of kittys which i have not seen for three weeks!
but i have soo much home work!
i don't want to do it all biut i guess that i have to
kk but anyways
oh i read
heh it is soo good hehe i love all the gore and blood and it's soo funny cuz ther is this crazed fashion slut and her line when she killed this girl was
"Oh and red is most deffinetly NOT your color"
i was laughing so freaking hard!
and SHUUYA is awsome!! hehhe

oh i also read
heh it's awosm elool
it's soo funny the girl stabbing peoplez withthe knife! lol
( umm during the time i was readn i was suppose to be doing home work!)

lol i'm a really bad procrastinator lol
and i still get b adverages lol i don't understand it
oh well

humm so yeah
i must watch anime and do home work now
befor ei go to my dad's
so fair well
hehee oh Quiz lol i have been taking alot latley!
What Icons are for you?(Thank you for #1!! Please check out my other Memes!!) by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
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Your Sad Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
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Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
Quiz created with MemeGen!


oh and wat do you guys think of my change of Avi??

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