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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Dear Friends,

well i was at the dentists
and i had to get cavities filled
the dentist came in wiht this huge needle
( i hate needels)
and she shoved it in my cheek!
lol i like freaked out and they had to get 4 people to hold me down!
i was like get that thing away from me
and then i ran

yeha but i enden up getting it and then i found out that they had given me an overdose!

so i was freaking out then.
then i got drilled
( i hate the sound it makes)
and i could feel it cuz the stuff hadn't kicked in yet!
i isitten then then all of the sudden i was yelling holy f--- at the top of my lungs!
then i got home and my mouth was still frozen
10 still frozen and i woke up this morning and it was still frozen!

so right now i am poking it !
i can't fell it and it is fun!

stupid peoplez and the over dose
then ihave to go back next week!
it should be fun

but yeah
i am off to visit your sites!
have a good day


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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

picture day!

Dear Friends,

well hey
yeah today was the Damned day of Pictures and for Magnus it is annual i have a pic yearly
and well
lol it was funny
me an d my mom argued over wat i would were this morning at like 5 :30
then wehn it was time to take the pics i sneezed once again lol
and then well the other were good i hope
but later that day i took a comb
(they hand them out)
and i got it stuck in my hair!
It hurt soo much!
peoplez were laughing and i actually got a laugh out of the new kid
had to help me get it out
and well this guy Josh grabbed it and pulled lol
it was gross!!
then well
yeha it came out but my head hurt!

then on the bus me and
and me were playing with her winne the pooh keychain and well it was groping it self and well yeah

but all and all the day was really fun!
though my head still hurts lol
yeha i know that i am stupid!

well yeah i shall go and visit your sites now
fair theee well!

oh yeah i have to go to the dentist too! lol i get to have 4 cavities filled and i geet to get a new mouth gard cuz i ground through my old one! WEET WOO lISP!


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Monday, September 12, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there i am freaking out
i found out that one of my friend amy gets a chance to meet MCR
in a couple months or so!
her brother plays in this klick ass band and well he is gettin her back stage passes for the thing and well her is playing before MCR

well yeah
i'm workikng on a website right now for Design Studies!
it looks so messed up!
but i luv it lol
i'm spazing lol
i'm soo happy

wett woo
well yeah
to morrow is sadly picture day!
i hate that damn day!
i hate getting my picture taking unless it's to remember some thign really stupid that i did lol

so yeah i probably won't be able to get to all of your sites cuz of my Home work
sorry i'll try to ge to mostof your sites though kk
i shall try
well yeah


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Sunday, September 11, 2005

i'm back~!~˘ľ

Dear Friends,

well YAYZ!
my site is working!
i'm so happy!
now look at these Pictures!
(Via Google.ca)

EVIL EVIL Celistine!!

Looky!It's so cute and white! I LVRU IT!
I can't remember what these things are called but I LOVE THEM!!

it's a show where us canadians with the help of much music VJs get to live out our dreams and this one guy is FUCKING HANGING OUT WITH MCR and ALEXISONFIRE!!!!!!!!!!
he's soo lucky!!!!
damn him
*runs upto her TV screen abd starts stroking it* Defile Defile Defile!
Damn it he is soo lucky!!!!!!

okay well on to wati did yesterday!
i stayed inside all say cus the weather was reall crappy~
it was raining fo rthe hole day!
so i stayed inside and hung out with my little brother
we watcher An Extreamly Goofy Movie!
i haven't seen that movie in forever!
then i had my first apple of the year!
it tasted kinda nasty in some parts and well it didn't really have anytaste but watever lol
i pigged out on pizza!
theni watched Waynes World 2
i have never seen that movie
lmao it was funny though

lol but yeah
i had fun i wrote like 3 more pages to my story and i drew
and i watched MuchMusic all day!
so yeah
maybe today will be diffrent after all maybe the weather will better cuz it's not raining as of now but yeah....

ii'm not dead!
lol yesterday i got an e-mail from my friend
and it said " so your gonna give him the ultamite pleasure"
LMAO it was a joke!
cuz i met him in a forum and well i declared sora from kingdom hearts mine and yeah......
it went on from there
but yeah my dad read it
(stupid bastard)
and well i was so scared that he would get pissed
and that i wouldn't live to see another day
but here i am i did!
weeet woo
i feel special!

well i am going to go to all of your sites now so fare thee well!
have a good restof your week end!


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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey you guys my site has gone all weird!
i can't access it but i can access any other site! it's weird! it'll download my bg but then it frezes!
it's weird so yesh humm
i hope that you guys can see this and well humm
i'll try to get to my site!
yayz for the weekend~~!!!


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Friday, September 9, 2005


Dear Friends,

kk well hiya
you guys!
it's like 5:30 am here and well i am tired i couldn't sleep
i'm reallly hyper now though i know not why
well hummmm
and Beyblade is on so i am watching that ! WEET WOO!
well hum things in school are going good adn
other than that nothing is happening
hey i have a questoin to ask you guys
would you rather that i continue to post my story or that i just keep posting like this ?
it's your decision!
i could care less either way
so yeah
well yeah i'm really bored there are a couple hours left till school starts
YAYZ for school
i hate all my teachers except for 2

well i thikn that things for my friend are going better for today
well i atleast hope that they are

and well as the grade 7's go yes i shall strap hot dogs to their lockers!

but yeah i shall leave you now!


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Thursday, September 8, 2005


Dear Friends,

well at the start of the day i was really hyper but then as the day went on thisg kept getting worse
i was pissed cuz i had grade 7's call me lez
i mean i have nothign against it
people have the right to fallin lovve with who they want!
it's not that
but when you have the whole Fucking grade 7 populating pretty much call you a fucking lez i get mad
it's not because their callling me it
it's because they are making fun of other people
i hate it when people do that it pisses me off so much!
i had to stop my self from beating th eshit out of this grade 7
i wanted to soo bad and i would have btu it was a goood thing that i didn't!

well on to the next depressin subjet!
one of my friends is haveing alot of trouble right now and i hate seenig people especially friends in pain!
i wish that there was somethign that i could do to help but i am not and expert. i want to help so much!
but i can't well yeahz
i have benn drained of all my hypernes
sorry that this post is a crappy one!
i'm sure things will be better tomorrow!
well yeha

thanx you guys for listenign to me !


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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   You Know You're Addicted To Anime When......

Dear Friends,

You say ITADAKIMASU!! before you eat your meals
i say that before every meal!
i have to and now i am happy that i do!

well today was my first day at school!
i was runnign through the halls screaming Screw me hard in Portugese
yeah it was funny!
well i found out my classes and i'm happy i'm not alone this year
we have this new kid in our class
adn his name is
Bill Ly (pronounced lee)
i felt bad for him cuz noone would talk to him
and yeha.......
well i have a new teacher !! he is awsome!
he is a replacement for my favorite teacher Mr. Robinson!
but yeah they ar ethe same!
except Mr, Rob was funnyer!

so yeah i have my hates teacher again fricken Mrs Sandu!
i hate her!
she is the essence of Doll hell!
( i hate dollz!)
and yeah.....
oh well i could care less i got all of the options that i wanted
YAYZ for Art and Design Studies!

lol then tommorow i have CTS i hope that i am in shop!
but then again i want to be in home EC cuz i can cook and EAT!!!
but yeah that is all that i have to say for today


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Monday, September 5, 2005

I'm happy!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys!
thanx for all the feed back on my story!
sorry that my post was soo long!

well today i might be going Rollerblading once again with a bunch of my friends!
and it should be fun!
hopefully they play some good music!
last time all they palyed was Hillary Duff and Black Eyed Peas
it waa a pain in the ass i swear if i had stayed any longer my ears would have started to BLEED!

yeah hopefull they play better music cuz when i go there i am gonna request Our Lady Peace, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Silver Chair, The White Strpies and last but not least MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!
weet woo!

it should be a fun day!
that is if we do end up going....

yesterday was fun lol
i did nothing lol
i stayed home watched TV
wrote more of my storie
and then Watched Clueless
the funnest part of that movie is where Cher(Alicia Silverstone(sp?)) is heald at gun point!
i was fricken pissing my self laughing at that!
oh i also watched the Breakfast CLub!
i love that movie!
i don't know why but i do!
other than that nothign happened today and over all it was really boring!
at least i found it to be
except for when i watched family guy! lol it was awsome!

so yeah... NO SCHOOL !!!!!
till tomorrow!
it sucks but neways
i'm not gona make this a long post vuz you guys have had to go through 2 in 2 days so yea this one is short

Fare thee well!

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   Thanx and Story time! Weet Woo

Dear Friends,

Hey you guys!

Well I said that I would be doing this like every month when I first started and well I’m sorry
I haven’t kept my word!


Kk well yeah

Well on Friday MoonOfDarkness slept over for the first time!

It was fun tough we didn’t pull an all nighter we stayed up till 1 lol
Yeah it was fun!

Yesterday I went to the DQ and I got a blizzard then when I was walking home with MoonOfDarkness
We found this lost dog!
It was soo cute but the fricken little thing was hyper!
It was soo funny!
And well we read it’s tags and it’s name was Ruby the weird thing was that the dog was a Guy!
Yeah it was weird!
I was very confused!

Then after that we called the owner and there was no answer so we left a message then I went to the centennial Street Festival
It was soo Boring!!!
There was nothing there!
and I felt so bad for this little kid
He was a part of one of the street acts and he had pantyhose (Sp?) tied to his head!!!
It was soo funny but the kid is gonna be scared for life lol!!!!

Then I came home and I find out that the dog live right across the street from us!
I was like WTF!
Don’t the owners keep an eye on their pets!
But yeah I had a good laugh about it!

Then I come home and I have to go pee
And my Step dad started yelling at me
“What the hell are you doing in the bathroom!”
I was like
“ I have to go pee!”
Then he was like
“With the phone in the bathroom!?”
“WTF I don’t have the phone! It’s on the charger!”
Yeah it was funny
But I was pissed
So now I am sitting here typing this and well yeahz
I am listening to My Chemical Romance!
And I am writing some more to the story that I posted a little while ago
And I think that I am gonna put it up here lol

Well yeah someone dies!
YAYZ! Lol sorry it’s not a really gory death but heheh it’s funny
Yeah I find death to be funny when it is in stories and not in real life
Kk well
Here is the first part that I posted for all of you that haven’t read it yet and then under it will be the part that I wrote last night and a couple minutes ago for all of you that have read the first part that I wrote
See it is that simple!
(BTW I need a title for my story would anyone be willing to help think of one for me! and it is really really long i'm sorry but yeah..........)

>>>>> Violet Taylor felt something cold on the back of her neck and spun around trying to grab whatever had touched her. She was shocked at the sound of whatever it was hitting the gravel ground of the park. To see the Ice cream sandwich still on it's wrapped on the gravel. Behind her stood Sarah arms flying around at the sight of the ice cream on the ground.
Sarah laughed. "Look what you have done to the poor Ice Cream! What the hell did it ever do to you to deserve such a horrible cruel fait?”
"Sorry” Violet mocked as she picked up the Ice Cream Sandwich and unwrapped it from it white wax paper jacket.” Five second rule.” she added as she took a bite.

Violet sat down on a plastic grey sing seat. Looking like a guy in her oversized baggy jeans and extra large T-shirt. Her short glossy black hair and eyes out lined with black and purple.
Sarah sat beside her. Arms wrapped with red ribbons that were tied at the tops of her arms. Her long pale legs covered by thin thigh (no clue how to spell it lol) high socks and black Chuck Taylor High Tops. Her long green hair put up in to Pigtails at the side of her head.
"So why the hell are you here. It's after 4 shouldn't you be off with Dan by now?" Violet commented as she gazed at Sarah, her watch, then Sarah again.
"That fucking Fag! Nope Not Anymore! He’s so fucked up right now that it's gotten to the point where I can't stand him!"
Violet rolled her eyes but then smiled at the fact that Sarah was saying such a thing. Violet and Sarah had been friends their entire lives and Violet knew that tomorrow Sarah's outlook on her boyfriend Dan would change completely.
Violet Grabbed the Metal Chains of the swing and leaned back so that her head was almost touching the Gravel. Sarah was leaned forward carefully avoiding the metal with her back hunched, hands on the ground and Neon green hair hiding her face.

>>>>> “What colour should I dye it next?” Sarah pushed the hair out of her face as she let out a sigh.
“ Dye what? What colour?”
“My hair dumbass! I’ve already dyed it pink, black, orange, purple, blue and now green, so what is next?”
“Red…Blood Red!”
Sarah laughed “What is it with you and Blood Red these days?”
“ Fine if you don’t like that idea then…how about…Neon Red? Does that sound good?”
“Sounds good to me!” Sarah laughed as she dragged her feet along the gravel, creating puffs of grey dust to stir up and cloud the colour of her high tops.

Violet sat up and filled her mouth with what remained of the ice cream sandwich, then stood up, still holding on to the chains of the swing, starring out at the sunset, mumbling things to herself that Sarah couldn’t hear.
“Hey Vi I’m gonna head home now okay?” Sarah muttered as she stood up and dusted off her shoes.
“Yeah okay. Call me when you get to your house.” Violet yelled as Sarah took off through the gravel then the grass and finally the road.

The Car finally came to a stop. It’s front bumper dented in. The driver in shock as he stumbled out of the car door and onto the road. Smears of blood scattered beneath him. Sarah’s cold, lifeless body on the ground as if it were a rag doll. Violet ran out onto the street as fast as she could stumbling on the grass, then picking up the lifeless corpse, holding it close to her body. The bloody mess that was once Sarah’s hair, completely Blood red now. Totally transformed for the green that it use to be.

“Shit holy shit! What the hell did you do to her!?!” Violet screamed at the top of her lungs, while running her trembling fingers through Sarah’s hair. Filled with rage and setting the corpse down Violet ran towards the driver grabbing him by the shoulders. She could se that there were tears running down his face.
“Answer me damn it!” Violet shrieked.
The driver lifted up his head.
Shock ran through Violet’s mind and suddenly all the rage was gone and in it’s place was fear.
“Violet what have I done to her?! I’m sorry I…I-I didn’t mean to!” His voice cloaked in shock as he ran over to the body.
“Dan…” Tears starting to form from her eyes.
“I didn’t mean to…I didn’t…I’m sorry. I’m sorry”

Chapter One
>>>>> Those were the last moments that Violet and Dan Had spent with Sarah. It had been four days since then and everyone in the L.A. had read it in the papers or had been told about it by means of the grape vine. Eyes followed Violet everywhere she went. Whispers lingering behind her like a curse. Violet had now dyed her hair Green and wore high tops since that day. Then went on with her life like nothing had happened.

She saw the many glares given to her by the people that attended Sarah’s Funeral and she heard the things people had said. She didn’t cry when she had seen the casket from the back of the doors…only when she had saw Dan sitting silently in the front row, starring into the beyond. Walking up to the casket and saying her last words to Sarah before her body was carried off to the crematorium, Violet placed the ice cream wrapper in the casket, and then quickly ran outside.

“She looked peaceful…” Dan had said to her after the service. “ I’m really sorry Vi.”
“It’s okay I should be saying that to you after all she was your girlfriend.”

Walking home through the very park where the accident had happened Violet relived the event. Seeing her body hit then fall to the ground. Finding herself once again on the swing. Thinking of the last thing she had said to her.
“Goodbye..” Violet murdered and listened as the wind carried her voice of into the distance in the hopes that it would reach Sarah……………..


Okay well yeahz that is how far I have gotten I shall write more and then if you want I shall post it!
If you guys have any ideas on what I can add to the story to make it more interesting please tell me!
I would love to hear what you guys have to say!
Well yeah
I’m off to watch Family Guy so fare thee well!


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