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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Corpse Bride

Dear Friends,

well hiya there !!!
well yeahz
me is excited right now!
i get to go see the corpse bride!
well yeahz
it should be fun! lol
then i shall play ddr at the theater!

oh yes say happy birthday to
Fried Chocobo!

well yeah my birthday was boring lol yes yes it was
well yeah i must go now!
*flys away*


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Friday, September 23, 2005

Movie Maddness!

Dear Friends,

well hi there
today i have to go to a dinner
it's my aunts
4th birthday
i'm nine years loder than my aunt
is it just me or is that a little weird?
oh well i gets to eat food!

well yehs hum....
i have discovered to day that me ish a book worm!
yeha this kid called me one and then i realized that i was lol
i usually always have a book in hand lol !
well anyways i don't care!
oh i went to shop class today!
it was fun!
i was sitting down and my good buddy
was siting beside me and i farted!
lol it was funny
so we both started laughing and this guy fred asked wat was soo funny and this guy josh was like i think Roiben farted!
then i said yeah actually i did~!!
lol so i think i am the only girl in my school that will admit that she farted! lol it was funny!
then josh was being and ass and made noise but lol
it was funny
well i though it was
peoplez were like aren't you embarrassed??
lol to tell you the truth i wasn't suprizingly lol
well yeah...
i was talking to my mom on my cell on the bus and peoples were throwing batteries and
people were yealling fuck lol
so my mom was like who the hell was that and i said pplz lol
the i got off the phone and was yealling lol it wash funny!

oh and here is the next littel bit to my story!

>>>>>Chapter 2
Looking out into the vast open star lit sky, violet could only think of what had happened only hours before. She had to stop those though, instead violet though of how she and Sarah use to stare out at the setting sun, whose last breaths above the ground were slow and painful, before it finally sank. Only to once again be resurrected in the next morning. Violet laughed. She remembered how Sarah said that the moon was only watching the sun drown. How it rose in the sky only to laugh one the sun was completely gone. Violet had lost the though of what had happened for the moment. She was now staring up at the full moon slowly drifting off.
Violet awoke with a hand placed over her mouth.
“Shh! Stay quite. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Whispered the body that the hand belonged to. “Stay low don’t get up or else they’ll catch us.”
Violet trusted this person though she didn’t know why. She listened to what he had said and stayed quite and didn’t move. Slowly the hand lifted off of her mouth and violet jumped up.
Violet could finally see the person. His electric black hair hid his face but Violet could still tell that he was at least around 17 or older. He stood up and his hair fell back from his face. Glaring Pewter eyes stood out in the dark against his pale skin. He was cover in what to violet looked like thick leather armour. Violet finally felt the terror and fear that she should have felt before creep up from the back of her mind.
“Who the hell are you and what the hell do you think, you were trying to pull back there?!”
He came next to violet and pulled a sword from the sheathe that was tied around his waist, and then healed it up to her neck. “My name is of no importance to you. Now quiet and don’t tell anyone of this event. If they find out you’ll be dead before you know it.”
Violet twitched when she saw the silver blade reflecting the moonlight onto her neck, then stepped back from the sword when she saw droplets of blood on the grass.
“Promise me tat you will tell no one about this even!” he demanded as he attempted to follow violet, his sword still raised.
“Fine! Okay I won’t tell anyone!” Violet yelled annoyed at the fact that he kept asking.
He stepped back and placed the sword back in it’s sheathe.
Violet could see that he had winced as if he were in pain. “ Yer hurt aren’t you?”
Violet cut him off. “ I can see the blood stains on the grass and you just winched in pain about a second ago. I might be stupid doing things like falling asleep on a hill but I am not blind. Come with me and I’ll get you some bandages and you can clean it up.”
He nodded.
And with that the two of them set off down the hill towards her house, looking back every once and a while to see if he was still following.

well yeahz i hopes that you guys like it
good bye i must visit your sites before i leavre for my cute little aunties party
bye bye


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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Dear Friends,

well shmello there!
loltoday was boring lol
i went and ran cross country today and almost colasped cuz i was so fricken cold!
then in gym we were playing tag and i rean into this guy
ti was soo funny!
I FLEW back like 3 yards lol
adn then i realized that everyone was lokking at my arms lol
i had huge gouges out of them lol
so i went in said and i got some bandages but my stupid Mrs. Miller
caught me and she was liek i need you to do a little job for me lol
i nedd to wash my arms first lol
is wat i told her and she was like
oh well you can do it later
i was walikng through that halls with blodd drippin froom both my arms
it was soo funny
then i finally got to put the bandages on and i have so far gone through 5
all the blood!

but yeah i think it was on the 3rd one but it was funny
it was squriting puss!
lol i pressed iot down and happened to be standing by this prissy girl and lol
it squrited all over her!
i was laughin so hard i couldn't berath lol but yeha now i have a Cut buddy
lol this guy cut his hand on the B-Ball hoop and he cut his hand lol then out of no where when i got on the bus he was like
"yo Roiben how ya doing my Cut buddy"
well yeah other than that my dad was boring
adn oh this even is even more proof that i am a complete Klutz!

i'm glad that you guys liked the story and yes dan is an evil man and poor volet!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   Posty Posty!

Dear Friends,

well for all of youz who are wondering when the raccon hurt is i would say sometime maybe in a week
i have to say somethin kk
*smile* wel yeah i just had to say that

well yes it's like 8:30 here
lol and i just gotz out of the shower so i smell FRESH!

adn i don't have school today so anyone PM me if you would like to talk
i'll propbably be on the comp all day anyways except for when i am doing home work

i might be gone for a little bit though cuz somethign really bad happened to one of my friends and well i wanna go visit her but then again she does have school


well yeah i'll be sittin here
and i am bored!

oh here i have th thrid part to my story lol for any of you guys that have ideas of a name please fell free to tell me i need a name for the danged story!

“Hey Vi.” A familiar voice called out to violet.
“Hey Dan.” violet spun around in the swing so that she was able to see Dan.
“It’s so weird you know. I always think that she’ll be waiting for me outside my house at 4. I…I keep waiting for her and then I remember. Remember that she’s not coming and she never will…” Violet could see that Dan’s eyes weren’t happy a usual. When he looked at violet they seemed blank, emotionless and lost. Clouded over to a point when it was as if he would never be able to see out of them again.
“Dan…Are you sure that you’re okay? You seem even more depressed that you were at the funeral. I know that well you have the right to be depressed and all but still…”
“Violet?” Dan walked over and stood in front of violet, then rested his hand on her shoulder. “Thanks for caring but yeah I I’m fine please don’t’ worry about me.” Dan smiled.
It’s fake how can her keep doing this going on like that it’s fake. Violet smiled back.

She got up and out of the
swing set, and then started to walk and after a while, she started to notice that she was walking further and further from her house. Turning all the way around and heading back to her house Vi had decided that it was at least midnight.
Violet was tired. She hadn’t been able to sleep al all since the accident and now it was finally catching up with her. She could see her house. Sped up and yanked the door open. Then froze. Dan was sitting in her living room. On the couch. Lights on, TV flashing.
Dan had cut her off. “You’re mom let me in. I was worried after all you just kinda left.”
Violet flipped off her shoes then walked inside and sat beside Dan on the couch. “I hope that you haven’t been waiting long. Sorry. I went on a walk.”
“No problem, I’ve only been here for a little bit…Vi are you okay? You look really tired.”
“Yeah I am. I haven’t slept at all since well you know.”
“Oh well then I guess that I should let you get some rest. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then I guess.” Dan ran his fingers through his hair, and then headed for the door.
Violet followed. Walking Dan out of the house and to the street was the least that Vi though she could so.
Dan’s eyes still looked clouded.
“bye dan”
“goodnite violet.”
Violet was shocked. She felt the sharp, shooting of Dan’s lips pressed against hers.
“Fuck off! Asshole! Get away from me!” violet slapped Dan.
“Common.” He grabbed violet buy her shoulders.
“No way you jerk get away from me!” violet ripped away from Dan and walked back to her house.
“Common what is it gonna matter now? Now that Sarah’s dead.”
Violet punched Dan in the face.

well yeha i hope that you guys liked it lol but if not I DON"T care Xd

fare thee Well


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

   As The Fragments Of My Skull Begin To Fall ,Fall On You Tounge Like Pixe Dust....

Dear Friends,

well hey! YAYZ i have a team to kill teh deamon raccons!
Yayz me ish happy now!
those SOB's must die!

well yeha school lwas boring today lol
i got 75%
on this math test i was sad so now i must studiy my brians out!
and figure everythin out!

75 to some may not seem bad but to me it is !
i get like 80's usually but yeah..

thanx for carin you guys
me and my ass apriciate that

well today i wen to an activity couldil meeting lol and i came up with the idea to have a fundraiser where we get to stick teachers to teh walls!
it'll be fun!
i wanna get taped!
i wanna!
and then yeah
was a little phycotic!
she creeped out Mrs. Sweard!
lol it was funny!

well i qwen to a Cross country practice this mornig!
i had a cheering section!
i would laugh so hard every time i passed them cuz they would cheer!
they were like
"run you stupid brat!"
LMAO! that was awsome i laughed so hard at that one !
lol i was funny
( BTW she didn't mean it !)

well i have mounds and mounds of home work which i should get doing but i won't
at least not right now!

well yeah i 'll try to visit all of your sites!!



oh yeah me has to do to the dentist again today i hope i don't run away agian lol or that if i do that i doon't punch my dentist in the face


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Monday, September 19, 2005

Weddings! I love Weddings Drinks All Around!

Dear Friends,

well first of all i have to say anyone who will want to help me kill the evil racoons they can join me!
weet woo
btu you have to bring tons of bug spray cuz my dad's farm is full of Misqueetoes!
and other bugs
oh and if you are scared of spiders i suuggest that you not come!

ohkay well on the other hand today at school was boring!
i fell on my ass like a bajilloin times within a 15 min time period!
lol it was funny!
i would run then trip then i would laugh then i fell of the monkey bars and fell on my ass
then i ran ad triped again adn well yeahz i kept falling!
lol it was fun!
then i stalked SummerBaby10
it was fun!
she didin't notice!
it was awsome!
sweetness in a bottle!

the we found this lady bug how almost got Squrshed in a Fruba Manga and we named it
Nema RP
so that
it was satainic and not....
then this girl claire Squrshed him!
we cried!
it was sad!
the we planned to cremate it but sadly noone had a lighter
so we barried it !
but yeah......
.it twas fun!

wellz yeah i have to goz now!
check all of your sites!

so fare thee well!



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Sunday, September 18, 2005

me is back!

Dear Friends,

i watched Pirates of the Carrabiean(sp?)
once again that would male my 40th time!
weet woo!
i have tons of that movie memorized!
weet woo it is fun!
well i said hi to all of my kitties and guess wat
we have new ones yet again!
weeet woo
except most of them are dead
i walked in to the bran and there were alll of these dead kittens al over teh place!
i was soo mad!
stupid racoons!!
they must all parish!
they must!

oh i wathced angels and demons last night
i have to say that it was awsome!
i loved it !

well yeah hummmw at else happened....
well i went golfing and i didi pretty good and other than that i didn't really do anythign but i didi make this!
this is the design that i am gonna put on a t-shirt of mine....
that is when i get the chance to make it which should be very soon!
so here it is!

the elements are going on the back and the rath roiben rye is going on the front!

well yayz
i must eat now cuz me is starving

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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Dear Friends,

well i loved naruto the only thing was pplz voices!
they were messedified!!!!!!
.hack//sign rules!
well yeah i have to go really sooon my dad will be her to pick me up in like.........
10 minutes and i still have to pack my bags and every thign
so this shall be a short post!
well i hope that everyone has a great weekend!
and well yeahz!

fare thee well


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Friday, September 16, 2005

   terrry fox run!

Dear Friends,

well hiya!
today i had to do the freking terry fox run!
for those of you who don't know who terry fox is
he tried to run across canada with a prostetic leg in the 80's
raiseing money for cancer research.
sadly he only made it half was and dided of then cancer that had taken his leg three years before.

well yeah so we ran through confederation park!
lol i was so fricken tired! lol
i am not one of the most fricken fit peoplez but i try!
being a couch potatoe is my sport!

well ne ways lol i ran and came back then i gotz an orange juice and nowz i am hyper for some really odd reason!

oh i was waitin for the bus after school and well i saw a really good friend that i havn'e seen for a while!
her name is Michelle!
i was spazing lol
i tried to get on the bus and when i couldn't get on i was lik e
then i saw
michelle and said the exact same thign and i guess she must have heard or saw me but she did the same thing!
but i never go to talk to her
well at least i saw her!

well yeahz
i didn't have my test today it got moved but i did have a BHFG meeting
( big happy family group)\it's stupid but i ended up in a good one
lol i hung out with my friends
lik e
and alex adn cassandra
so yeah it was fun! lol

welll i have to leave for the weekend once again
lol i might do a post tomorrow morning but i don't know

oh yeah
Gwee i'm soo happy!
lol hehe yayz!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Dear Friends,

hey well for all you peoplez who have never had cavities!

but ne ways
yesterday i went to my friends house and we worked on a layout for our website for 4 fricken hours!

then we found out that we had cut it all wrong!

but yeah i had pizza though so it was all good!

well i was workin on my English/LA project.
tis fun!
i get to collage a book with wat ever i want just as long as it is apropriate!
lol so i have the corpse bride all over it and anime and MCR
and The Used
then ihave my fave words lol
i would have TESTICUALR
but that's not apropriate lol
(soorry i can't spell XD)

well yeah i have LABMZ writen on it and WEET WOO and YAYZ and SHEEP!
the i have Roiben and BBQ

yeha it' a very random book!
lol i have no pics of Kamui or anyone from X so that makes me sad but i have X writen alll over it!

hehe it's black and yayZ
i love it!

oh and i got dissed by my TA/Science teacher
damn him!
well yayz
lol i actually got the new kid to talk agian!
weet woo
i'm so proud of my self!
but yeah he's not so alone anymore
he has made friends with the
"IT" group which means that he shall be showered with popularity
and then zip.......
so yeah...........

well ne ways i better stop writing this brush my hari then go to school
oh yeah wish me luck on my shop test!

*throwz teh confetti in teh airz*


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